I have sighted five UFOs:

  • three (fuchsia, blue, and golden) huge lights on the positions of vertices of a triangle; they were completely stationary for at least fifteen minutes.
  • a brilliant light which reached a superluminal speed within a second or two from a completely stationary position in the sky.
  • a brilliant light which "jumped" from one place to another in the sky, and then disappeared.
  • a dark spherical object with a "band" in the equatorial region with dots on the band
  • a thick brilliant beam of light travelling at a very high speed

They were "unidentified flying or stationary objects" in the sky. Such objects were sighted by many millions of people globally. One of my neighbors has sighted a huge extraterrestrial spaceship fly right above our building. Air force officers all over the world have sighted extraterrestrial spaceships up close within yards, which would hover over or remain stationary over nuclear weapon storages for hours at a time.

I have spoken to hundreds of people on the street raising awareness of the phenomenon. I'd say about 10 to 15% of the people I spoke to have sighted UFOs and a larger percentage of people know of people who have sighted UFOs. I even spoke with people who have been abducted by extraterrestrial beings.

I would like to know whether people in this forum have sighted any UFOs or have had other experiences pertaining to the phenomena.

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ET , in all seriousness , it is unimaginable to me how your utter failure of critical thinking has led you these preposterous beliefs . Your beliefs are delusions because they are not based on facts . They are delusions because because the conclusions you reach are not backed by any empirical evidence , and , finally , they are are delusions because your beliefs are not subject to falsification .

I am resisting the Extraterrestrial Intervention and that I urge all humanity to do the same.

Why? Isn't that a tad bit xenophobic? Jumping to a negative conclusion about "visiting ETs" without any concrete evidence to label them as malicious enough to warrant any need for "resistance".

Many members here cannot seem to cross over the hurdle to see the reality as it exists

What reality would that be? Where is your evidence for said reality? And if we aren't able to cross the hurdle, and just like so many theists that use your line of "logic" on us.. YOU are the one that sees the reality of things. What does it feel like to have superpowers that others don't?

we cannot learn more about these sinister extraterrestrials, with such attitudes.

Again, what makes them "sinister'? What does the government have to gain by covering up aliens visiting earth?

Ronald Reagan mentioned of the invasion from outer space before the whole panel of the United Nations. 

Ronald Reagan also said that trees create more pollution than cars.

Indeed, the Cold War ended because Ronald Reagan and Gorbachev recognized that the two countries must cooperate rather than fight with each other, in order to resolve the extraterrestrials’ invasion that had been occurring in the world.  What else would unite humanity except for the danger the world is facing due to invasion by an extraterrestrial force?

What? Where is your proof that the Cold War ended because of ET invasions? It ended because the Soviet Union was going fucking broke. And maybe it ended because they both realized that if it escalated they would wipe the US and USSR respectively out of existence, and no sane leader would want to push towards that kind of genocide. No aliens needed.

There are physical evidences scientifically obtained by lab technicians.

Is that why "Dr." Leir's associate Derrel Sims refused to cooperate when asked to provide a forensic medical institute with specimens or photos for analysis.

If we remain ignorant about it, in denial about it, or too pacified to take any actions to resist the Extraterrestrial Intervention, then we may lose our freedom and self-determination, possibly permanently, and become enslaved by foreign races from outer space.

Why is it threatening our freedom? What proof is there that there is any threat at all? So far all you have provided is hearsay and "I believe" or "they think"... Believing and feeling is not evidence and is not fact.

Also, your attitude towards the evil "foreign races from outer space" screams xenophobia, and throws us back to the days when "dem niggers was marryin' our daughters!" and people reacted the way you are right now.

It will be very tragic, indeed, not only for entire humanity now, but for its future generations as well.

It will be tragic, but not for the reasons you think. What will be tragic is if people continue to fear monger and jump to conclusions without any real evidence. That line of thinking and irrational behavior has caused so much damage in our history, and will only continue to do so.

If we ever do encounter ETs, I hope that it is not people like you that see them first; jumping at shadows and seeing evil at every turn, I would understand if they decided to destroy us.

Sadly we have more experience with our own 'kind' being crazy! While good planets might be hard to find, surely a very advanced species could just harvest asteroids and build their own, or something we have never thought of.

Some ET buba with nice guns, from southern Antares  seems hardly likely, Star Trek not with standing...


IF this were true what would be the point of knowing about it? Because if ETs did arrive here with hostile intentions then we are gonners dont you think?  They would be way more advanced than us and we wouldnt stand a chance.

I wouldnt want to be enslaved by a hostile alien - No way Jose'

Imagine if they looked anything like the aliens in the movie Signs - OMG I would die.  I loved that movie did you see it?

and if there is some deliberate attempt to conceal information about alien evidence then maybe there's a good reason - Maybe its for our own protection otherwise there will be mass hysteria.

and about the behaviour of the other members here,  well - they are skeptics and they want the evidence - that goes with the territory. Its the idea they attack and not you. 

So anyway - whats the solution?




IF this were true what would be the point of knowing about it? Because if ETs did arrive here with hostile intentions then we are gonners dont you think?  They would be way more advanced than us and we wouldnt stand a chance.

Come on Angela, clearly the one guy Resist mentioned "believes" that 1989 humanity can posture its way to stopping an invasion from intergalactic conquerors.

Its the idea they attack and not you.

You are right about this. I, at least, have nothing against whoever Resist ET Intervention might be as a human being, I don't think he/she is stupid, or whatever. I do however think that his/her belief lacks any credible evidence, and should be treated like any other form of illogical belief, pseudoscience or religion.

As someone else mentioned earlier in the posts... I believe it was the good Dr. Grixus... Evidence or GTFO.

It's one thing to discuss this with us as a broad subject, I am all up for that. I love this UFO stuff! But to come here and call us blind and unable to "see reality for what it really is" because we don't buy into shaky cam footage or sketchy "doctors" and "scientists" who never provide any evidence to be cross examined by their peers? No, thank you.

That kind of attitude I expect from people peddling a religion and trying to "save our souls."

Tin foil hat

About Resist ET Intervention 


Hi Milos

"Come on Angela, clearly the one guy Resist mentioned "believes" that 1989 humanity can posture its way to stopping an invasion from intergalactic conquerors."

Honestly Milos - this sort of stuff doesnt ruffle my feathers at all. Its a completely harmless pastime for people who have the stellar brain energy to persue it.
Its kind of the same with incorrect grammar - that doesnt irritate me the way it does some others either.

Does this type of belief restrict our freedom? - Is it causing war, disease and poverty? - Is it blowing up innocent people? - Is it concealing a history of sexual abuse of children?

Dealing with this is a bit like when you deal with kids - You nod your head a lot - You say 'thats nice sweatheart' - You remind them to share and be good then you send them back out to play.

Nanu Nanu

Good point.
I may have to try your approach!


Woo Hoo Milos - YAY You -

By the way Milos - You have an interesting name - where are you from?

I am from Serbia.

Humanity has been visited by different extraterrestrial races throughout its history.  Some cavemen’s drawings, art, paintings, and sculptures verify this fact. 



Indeed, because their technology is many millennia or more advanced than that of human beings’, human beings did mistake extraterrestrials for gods at times.  Some ETs exploited humanity’s naivete and superstitions for their own self-serving purposes.  Of course, now human beings know better than to regard extraterrestrials as gods, despite their technology far more advanced than humanity’s. 

Advanced technology, which I’m sure you are all aware of, requires a lot of resources, as can be observed in our own world.  The more advanced technology one intends to achieve and maintain, the more resources are required.  This is no different in the universe.  Traveling a vast distance would be entirely too costly for extraterrestrials, unless they had a specific purpose for doing so.  Some of you may be aware that planets such as ours with immense biodiversity and temperate climate are very rare in the universe.  Our planet has a wealth of resources, particularly biological resources, which extraterrestrials covet for themselves.  They have no intention of destroying our world or humanity, but to persuade humanity to welcome them and cooperate with them.  Their goal is to gain the control of access to the resources of our world. 

It is our fear and preferences which mislead us to believe that any beings from outer space who visit us would, for no reason, wipe us out, or would be benevolent races here to help humanity.  Neither is the case.  The ET races we would encounter are self-serving resource explorers who do not wish to destroy human race or the world, but to use us to obtain the resources of the world.  Destroying the world or human beings would defeat their purpose of acquiring resources.  Yet, their not destroying either the world or humanity, in no way, indicates that they are benevolent beings with our well-being on their minds.    

If you consider our own affairs in this world, more advanced and powerful nations have exploited isolated, less advanced nations that possess resources.  They would employ persuasions by offering trinket gifts or technology in order to engender trust of themselves in the natives – gifts or technology that is not useful for the natives but creates addiction for it.  If a certain soda company, say, were to establish itself in a third world country with resources that they desire, then it may offer free sodas to its natives, get them addicted to the product, persuade them to permit building factories on their land, and establish itself on their land to influence and persuade the government or other authorities to acquire access to the resources that they were after in the first place. 


Now, humanity is the native of this planet being so persuaded by extraterrestrial races that are here for resource acquisition and control of the world.    


Apparently, they are able to travel at the speed multiple times the luminal speed, yes, but without “folding space-time.”  Someone else in the thread mentioned why the aliens are so incompetent as to get sighted by people when they have such advanced technology.  The reason is that not only do they possess advanced technology, but also sophisticated skills to influence thought in the mental environment – the environment of thought and influence – which humanity, at large, is unaware of.  With their skills to persuade others in the mental environment, they have been casting what is called the Pacification Program upon humanity, which is designed to keep human beings ignorant about their presence, in denial of their presence, or welcoming their presence.  You can see this played out even in this thread.  So, you ask why they are so incompetent as to reveal their presence accidentally, I’d think the more appropriate question would be how can humanity be so easily pacified as to remain

  • ignorant about their presence despite so much evidence that has been gathering particularly in the last six decades,
  • in denial of the phenomenon even though they cannot offer any logical explanations regarding the phenomenon that so many people are experiencing,
  • or, even welcoming the “visitors” from outer space without knowing anything about these extraterrestrial forces.

Some people, when explained to about the phenomenon, have told me that they didn’t care if the ETs are visiting, let alone trying to find out what is truly occurring in the world which affects them directly.  Others adamantly deny the phenomenon, whose best explanations for the strange events that are occurring in our world are various jibes such as “Maybe it was a magic carpet driven by Sasquatch. Maybe it went to get some beer.”  I have also been accused of being xenophobic because I urge people to resist the Extraterrestrial Intervention.  Yet, they do not even know what sort of sinister activities they’ve been carrying out covertly in our world unbeknownst to most of us, and what their true intentions are. 

If you knew that kidnappers were lurking in your village, wouldn’t you warn your neighbors?  Would you welcome the kidnappers because you want to keep an open mind about them, even though you know nothing about them?  A child would know better than to welcome a stranger who lures them with a candy bar.  Yet currently, humanity collectively has less of rationality than a child.  

Although technologically advanced extraterrestrials can certainly travel much faster than human beings, the distance still remains an obstacle.  Consider our galaxy which purportedly contains about a trillion solar systems.  Assuming that solar systems are evenly spaced in the galaxy for the sake of computations, the local region of about 5000 solar systems among which is our solar system is about the size of a quarter of a pea, if the galaxy is about the size of a football field.  No amount of technology enabled any race to travel from one end across the galaxy to the other end.  Their travel still requires some form of fuel.  They do not need to “fold space-time” or travel down “wormholes.”  These are apparently erroneous theories human beings have come up with, in an attempt to explain space traveling which requires superluminal speeds.    

Let us consider the example of airplanes sighted by people living in The Dark Ages.  Given the limitations of technology and science known to them at the time, what sort of empirical evidence could they have gathered to convince their fellow human beings of their sightings?  We’re less than two millennia more advanced in technology than that of The Dark Ages. (In fact, compare our technology with that of two or three hundred years ago.) Extraterrestrial beings have been visiting the Earth well before human beings even existed; they are many millennia, if not hundreds of millennia or more advanced in technology than human beings are.  Would you still attempt to deny that their technology is not possible because theories upheld by human beings do not “allow” it to?  The phenomenon is very humbling, for we come to a realization that we’re not the preeminent beings in the universe.  We need to first discard anthropocentric perspective, and the notion that we’re the most intelligent beings with the most advanced science and technology in the universe.  This is very far from the reality.  We cannot hope to understand the reality, if we continue to have such arrogance, not to mention ignorance. 

I do not regard informing people of what is occurring as fear mongering.  I would, out of concern for everyone, and, indeed, out of concern for the fate of humanity, continue to raise awareness, educate about these extraterrestrials, and urge people to resist the ET Intervention and prepare for the future which will be unlike the past.         


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