I have sighted five UFOs:

  • three (fuchsia, blue, and golden) huge lights on the positions of vertices of a triangle; they were completely stationary for at least fifteen minutes.
  • a brilliant light which reached a superluminal speed within a second or two from a completely stationary position in the sky.
  • a brilliant light which "jumped" from one place to another in the sky, and then disappeared.
  • a dark spherical object with a "band" in the equatorial region with dots on the band
  • a thick brilliant beam of light travelling at a very high speed

They were "unidentified flying or stationary objects" in the sky. Such objects were sighted by many millions of people globally. One of my neighbors has sighted a huge extraterrestrial spaceship fly right above our building. Air force officers all over the world have sighted extraterrestrial spaceships up close within yards, which would hover over or remain stationary over nuclear weapon storages for hours at a time.

I have spoken to hundreds of people on the street raising awareness of the phenomenon. I'd say about 10 to 15% of the people I spoke to have sighted UFOs and a larger percentage of people know of people who have sighted UFOs. I even spoke with people who have been abducted by extraterrestrial beings.

I would like to know whether people in this forum have sighted any UFOs or have had other experiences pertaining to the phenomena.

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Maybe we have all been understanding the word history incorrectly.

History is SUPPOSED to be a factual exposition of things that actually happened, hopefully with some interpretation to give the facts meaning and help us learn some lessons.


It doesnt say that in the definition though - I looked at Oxford.

I wont cut and paste it but the understanding I get is that the word history means anything that involves human events and so i take it that,  that would include belief in UFO's etc


@Angela Evangelia  It doesnt say that in the definition though - I looked at Oxford.

I think most people (Americans, anyway) will accept this definition from Merriam-Webster

a branch of knowledge that records and explains past events <medieval history

At any rate, if you look at the entire set of definitions, please tell me if you find one that admits of fictitious or fabricated histories.

ive seen a huge silver oval triangle shape craft hoverin in 1 spot and i went inside to get my binoculars and it was gone. could of bn a plane except it was closer to me above some trees and then its gone. too go outta view it would of had to leave extremly fast.no airplane can move like that. my girl seen it 2 but wasnt paying attention to wat i was showing her so she saw it but didnt believe me how close it was and how a craft made by man DOESNT MOVE LIKE THAT. but i dont care if any1 believes me.what wood it change if they did, atleast i saw it

Maybe it was a magic carpet driven by Sasquatch. Maybe it went to get some beer.



Yep - Ill go through the Merriam.

You might like this article discussing the same thing -



"History is SUPPOSED to be a factual exposition of things that actually happened"

Ok Unseen - 

No - I still cant read anything in the definition of the word history that means the same as historicaly acurate events.

History can just mean past events . I think that the only thing you wouldn't be able to do is to make something up - like ' Once in 1798 all of the mountains disapeared', Because nothing like that has ever been claimed by a lot of people over a long period of time.

But the widespread stories about UFO sightings are an actual human event and part of our history. 

How else could the History Channel get away with it?

History can just mean past events .

No.. A methodical description or laying out of past events, a discussion of past events, or an analysis of past events,. That is what we generally mean by "history."

What you are describing is just a synonym for "the past," but the past doesn't mean anything without some sort of processing.

If one wants to include stories of UFO encounters and alien abductions in history, one needs to use terms like "alleged" or "asserted" to make clear that the allegations and assertions themselves are the facts, and not whatever has been alleged or asserted. So, "People reported believing they had been abducted by aliens" is a yes, "People were abducted by aliens" is a no (as long as there is no proof).

But all that aside, as we normally use the term "history," we mean the sort of thing taught in high school and college history courses.


"But all that aside, as we normally use the term "history," we mean the sort of thing taught in high school and college history courses."

Yes - with all the other nonsense aside - this is how we usually think about it -

But we are talking about mainstream/porridge TV and they have reduced the word history down to mean anything in the past.

Which is also correct

A very loose definition of he past, like a few weeks or months ago, for reality shows about fishermen or lumberjacks. Technically, that's the past but usually when we think of history, it goes further back than that.


Unseen - well I'll get back to you in a few weeks when the History Channel does a piece on reality shows.

Its a tv show that only cares about ratings and if ufo's get ratings and they can fit that into the definition of history, which they can, then they will do it.

I was under the same impression as you and I thought the same thing about the history channel. Our expectations are too high maybe.



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