I have sighted five UFOs:

  • three (fuchsia, blue, and golden) huge lights on the positions of vertices of a triangle; they were completely stationary for at least fifteen minutes.
  • a brilliant light which reached a superluminal speed within a second or two from a completely stationary position in the sky.
  • a brilliant light which "jumped" from one place to another in the sky, and then disappeared.
  • a dark spherical object with a "band" in the equatorial region with dots on the band
  • a thick brilliant beam of light travelling at a very high speed

They were "unidentified flying or stationary objects" in the sky. Such objects were sighted by many millions of people globally. One of my neighbors has sighted a huge extraterrestrial spaceship fly right above our building. Air force officers all over the world have sighted extraterrestrial spaceships up close within yards, which would hover over or remain stationary over nuclear weapon storages for hours at a time.

I have spoken to hundreds of people on the street raising awareness of the phenomenon. I'd say about 10 to 15% of the people I spoke to have sighted UFOs and a larger percentage of people know of people who have sighted UFOs. I even spoke with people who have been abducted by extraterrestrial beings.

I would like to know whether people in this forum have sighted any UFOs or have had other experiences pertaining to the phenomena.

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I don’t own a TV, and am not familiar with the programs “Stargate” or “They Live!” 

People often ask for “empirical data” regarding the UFO/ET Phenomenon.  According to Webster’s New World College Dictionary, the definition of “empirical” is

  1. relying or based solely on experiment and observation rather than theory
  2. relying or based on practical experience without reference to scientific principles

Thus, the definition of “empirical data” would be “data based solely on experiment and observation rather than theory,” or “data based on practical experience without reference to scientific principles.”  There are certainly plenty of data by the second definition:  many people’s sightings and even testimonies of abductees.  When people seek “empirical data” regarding the phenomenon, however, they presumably mean data based solely on experiment and observation.  There are again plenty of data based solely on observation as stated above.  Data based solely on experiment, of course, cannot be obtained as, generally speaking, human beings cannot abduct ETs and bring UFOs or ETs into a lab for experiments, except perhaps in the case of crashed UFOs with dead ETs.  Such cases, however, are likely highly classified.  So rather than making an illogical demand to produce data based on experiment from laymen, those who seek “empirical data” on the UFO/ET phenomenon should search the internet, for there are, indeed, a vast amount of them available.

The question as to why these ETs with all their advanced technology could not stay covert came up more than once in the thread before.  So perhaps answers can be found in the responses to similar questions. 

Why did the ETs not attempt to overtake our world during an earlier era, and is there a benevolent race on the way to help humanity?  There are many other questions, I’m sure.  One thing is certain:  no human being can really know what activities these ETs have been carrying out with what intentions and what ultimate goals.  How can we, if we have not traveled far enough out into the space within our solar system, let alone to other solar systems?  We simply do not have the vantage point to observe the activities of the ET Intervention and we cannot know their intentions if we are not educated about life in the universe.

As far as the existence or forthcoming help of benevolent ETs is concerned, there is, indeed, no reason to believe that all extraterrestrial races are evil, or self-serving and exploitative of other races and worlds.  However, those that abduct human beings against their will do not have well-being of human beings in their heart.  Then, are there benevolent extraterrestrial races present in our world or solar system currently?  Is there any benevolent ET race coming to rescue us from our calamities?  The answer is no to both questions.  From a certain perspective, this may seem tragic for humanity, as it must then face the ET Intervention by itself with its technology that is far less advanced than that of the ETs’.  However, once again, technology is not their advantage over us, but their sophisticated skills to manipulate and persuade people in the mental environment.  This must be clearly understood.  Also, from a different perspective, as the former president of the United States Ronald Reagan stated, what could unite humanity faster than the invasion from extraterrestrial force? 

If humanity could, indeed, forge its strength to unite itself to drive out these ETs, then it would become a stronger race for it.  Then it can emerge into the Greater Community of Worlds, as an independent race with its self-determination and freedom preserved within its world and solar system.  If humanity were well versed about life in the universe, then it would know that it must declare its sovereignty within its solar system – this is expected and will be respected by other extraterrestrial races.  We’re not emerging into a local universe occupied by immature, reckless races that destroy environments and overtake other worlds by force.  Our local universe is occupied by mature societies that have been established for a very long time.  So, it is essential that all of human race declares its sovereignty within the solar system.  http://www.humansovereignty.org/            

How do we know that there are no benevolent races present in our solar system currently? Because there WAS a benevolent group of extraterrestrial races that came to our solar system to observe the ET Intervention and warn humanity against the Intervention.  This group of nine individuals from seven different free worlds from our local universe call themselves “The Allies of Humanity.”  In a series of a few sets of briefings, they related to us the following:

  • the activities the ET Intervention has been carrying out, and its ultimate goals,
  • what we can do to prepare for the future in which we must face non-human races from outer space,
  • what life is like in the universe
  • how rare and precious freedom is in the universe, and how vital it is for us to preserve and maintain our freedom,
  • the consequences of losing our freedom, and what must be done to preserve it,
  • their own experiences of their worlds being invaded by ET Intervention, and how they were able to regain or maintain their freedom in their worlds from the Intervention,
  • how free races act differently from races that are not free such as the ET Intervention,
  • the weaknesses and strengths of the ET Intervention,
  • the weaknesses and strengths of humanity,
  • what restrains them from providing any more than wisdom they gained from their own experiences in their worlds,
  • what restrains other races attempting to overtake any worlds overtly by force,
  • the reasons that we were not intervened globally before in our history,
  • how the ET Intervention is the greatest threat to human freedom, and yet how it inadvertently provides the greatest opportunity for humanity to unite itself to become a stronger race that can face together the ET Intervention at this time, as well as in the future

The extraterrestrials of the ET Intervention are coming in a greater number each year bringing more supplies and establishing themselves in our world and solar system without our permission, carrying out some sinister activities, and infiltrating into our societies, unbeknownst to humanity at large.  The nine individuals of the Allies of Humanity had told us that they were not here to establish liaison with governments, or to seek resources from our world, and that they would leave our solar system after they had accomplished their mission of observing the Intervention and warning us against it.  Their intentions are in stark contrast to those of the ET Intervention.  Indeed, after the first book of their briefings was published, the ET Intervention began searching for the Allies of Humanity in our solar system.  Unfortunately, four of the nine individuals had to destroy their spaceships and themselves in order to preserve the anonymity of themselves and their worlds, when they were about to be discovered by the ET Intervention. 

They gave their lives in their mission to warn us against the ET Intervention that perceived them to be their adversaries. 

This indicates that our true allies from outer space, and self-serving ET races here to exploit humanity for resource acquisition, cannot coexist in our solar system.  The mission of the Allies of Humanity had to end prematurely, as the rest of them had to leave in a hurry as they, too, were about to be discovered by the ET Intervention as well.  As they were preparing to leave our solar system, they transmitted the entire second book consisting of the next set of briefings within 24 hours.   

So, yes, there are races in the universe from a few free worlds in the solar system, who could be our allies, though free worlds are minorities in the universe.  Because humanity has not traveled far enough out into the space, and because it is a naïve, emerging race that is being exploited by the ET Intervention (space-traveling pirates), a few individuals from such free worlds in our local universe had made a journey to our solar system to observe the ET Intervention from a hidden vantage point in our solar system, and warn us against the Intervention.  They had told us that there are several collectives, each consisting of several different extraterrestrial races that are currently intervening in our world.  The collectives are competing with each other for control of the world and its resources, though they are not at war with each other.  They apparently are coexisting in our worlds and solar system, but they would drive out benevolent races, and indeed, have driven out the Allies of Humanity that came to warn us against them.  So, no, they most definitely do not have good intentions for humanity.                                

The departure of the Allies of Humanity renders it absolutely unequivocal to us who cannot tell our true allies from those other races who present themselves as our allies:  that there are no benevolent races present in our world currently, and that there will not be any benevolent races coming to rescue humanity.  This indicates to us that all ET races we will encounter are self-serving ET races with the goal to overtake this world.  These ET races have claimed to help humanity advance technologically, uplift humanity spiritually, solve global issues for humanity, teach humanity to live peacefully, offer any individuals more wealth, power, or dominion over the world through their political, commercial, or religious power, etc..  They are ALL seducing humanity in order to gain human allegiance for the purpose of overtaking the world with the least amount of resistance possible. 

This must be clearly understood.       

Wow... Just wow.

You should write a sci-fi novel.

You ignored 90% of my post and just decided to define "empirical" as your reason for not providing evidence, then you proceeded to provide even more tall tales about ETs without providing even a shred of evidence to support your claims.

If you want to convince people of your unsupported beliefs you, just like any theist that wants to "prove" to us that god exists, need to provide evidence that the skeptic "us" will accept as solid. As long as you keep providing evidence (and I use that term VERY loosely) that convinced YOU, and just keep re-wording it whenever we disagree with it, does not help your claim one bit.

Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.

This must be clearly understood.

And on top of everything, the simple fact that you do not deny my accusations that you are one of the malevolent ETs you are "warning" us against, simply serves to strengthen my claim against your true intentions!

I am not playing into your filthy, deranged alien trap, xenos! You will never take my freedom and liberty!


Hang on a second...
You have no TV, and have never watched They Live!... Being in the year 2013, and not knowing that television can also be viewed on the internet, and not being able to provide any clear evidence for your argument, even with the use of the internet could only mean that, if you are indeed not one of the xenos scum, you must be a man who time traveled from the past before the internet existed, or possibly from an alien controlled future where the internet does not exist and is only told of in myths and legends.

Hmm.. I am not sure what I believe anymore... God must exist?

The implication may be that he doesn't even have a computer, and comes by his knowledge through sheer acts of mental willpower.

If he is doing this with sheer willpower sans computer, that just strengthens my original hypothesis that he is actually an ET here to confuse and mislead us against the true ET intervention that he is a part of.

Scratch that time traveling thing.. I am now positive he is an alien! And Unseen here is witness to the evidence as well. There, we have 2 people seeing the same thing. That's 1 more than any of the ET abduction victims have, therefore, Resist ET Intervention, you are an ET, and no amount of denying (if you will even give any) will change the proof we have found here today.

Bam! Case closed. Nothing more to see here, folks... Move along.

Some humaans/aliens might be/are deeply read, helps to fill the long nights in deep space, waiting for planet fall! The in-transit movies from Earth, could be helpful for understanding, but might depend on humaan/alien preferences. I expect watching the perty lights near the speed of light might only work so long, a little like SNL reruns!

I await the final answer(s) as to the question, 'Is this fellow alien or a deeply enlightened humaan?' I expeect 'NO' on both points.

I am a little biased towards, 'H-ll give the man a forum, and offer lots of fine rope!'  


You really need to learn to condense. All a long post like this does is discourage people from diving into it. 

Though...perhaps that's your intent. 

I will tackle your first thought, though.

People often ask for “empirical data” regarding the UFO/ET Phenomenon.  According to Webster’s New World College Dictionary, the definition of “empirical” is

  1. relying or based solely on experiment and observation rather than theory
  2. relying or based on practical experience without reference to scientific principles

Thus, the definition of “empirical data” would be “data based solely on experiment and observation rather than theory,” or “data based on practical experience without reference to scientific principles.”  There are certainly plenty of data by the second definition:  many people’s sightings and even testimonies of abductees. 

Okay, then, why don't you believe in ghosts? Or do you? Plenty of ghost sightings. Plenty of sightings of Jesus, his mom, Shiva, and Satan as well.

You really need to learn how science works. Yes, scientists observe, but they do not then eschew theorizing. They then take the data and either fit it into an existing theory or, if that doesn't work, try to build a theory around it. 

However, any theorizing has to somehow fit into the existing bodies of facts and theories or it is both suspect and probably wrong in some way.

Now, the reasons we aren't being visited by aliens are so strong that any theory that depends on aliens getting here from across the almost unimaginable distances involved, and frequently abducting humans (despite the abductions never being observed by neighbors and passers by, etc., lead a rational person to the conclusion that such visits and abductions are counterfactual and need to be explained by more practical and earthbound explanations such as delusion and conscious deception.

Please consider a career as a screen writer or a strict regime of anti-psychotic pharmaceuticals.

Maybe in their 'culture', a rectal exam is the hight of their 'How-te do!', sadly the lab animals might suggest another approach.

There seem to be so many 'unknowns', that writing science fiction would be our most effective tool to understanding ET's. If the universe is so deeply populated with 'ETs', surely most any tempory fiction might find traction sooner  latter!

So write as much 'fiction' as you like for the moment, I like a good yarn!


Extraordinary claims are often made because of extraordinary evidence.  The reality of the UFO/ET phenomenon is not a claim that one individual is making, but that is made by millions of people globally.  If you haven’t yet already, do try reading the two books I suggested, Taken by Dr. Karla Turner and “The Aliens and Scalpel” by Dr. Roger Leir, and watching the Disclosure Conference at National Press Club.  The first book is a collection of testimonies of abductees and the second book is a detailed scientific account of implants extracted from abductees’ bodies by a surgeon.  Until you have put some effort into finding out about the ET Intervention and the sinister activities they’ve been carrying out, you’re only choosing to remain ignorant and making idle remarks that do not serve you at all.      

I neither said I didn’t believe in ghosts, nor did I say I believed in them.  What I have already mentioned in this thread, however, is that these extraterrestrials are capable of projecting images.  Even human beings with our limited technology are capable of projecting images via holograms.  So if people sincerely state that they have sighted ghosts, Jesus, Jesus’ mother, Shiva, or Satan, I believe their statements that they have sighted them, though what they have sighted are not what they believe they sighted, but merely projection of images of such figures cast by the ET Intervention to fool naïve people.

In fact, unless people become aware of this fact, the ET Intervention may use such technology to deceive them for its benefit in the future.  For example, Jesus’ Second Coming is actually being prepared by the Extraterrestrial Intervention, for there are many religious people who are awaiting his return.  Yet, the Jesus that will return is the one that the ET Intervention has been preparing.  He may perform miracles, and project images of Avatars, Satan, or whatever his superior wishes him to.  He’ll engender great reverence or fear, and many may follow him.  Once he gains allegiance from enough people, he will incite his zealous followers to destroy non-believers.  In this manner, these ETs will not need to destroy human rebels themselves, but merely rouse such zealots to destroy those who resist the ET Intervention.  Do you see how human ignorance can be used for the benefit of the ET Intervention?  (The Allies of Humanity, pg 55)   

I suggest reading the book “The Allies of Humanity,” after you have done some research about the ET Intervention.  At the least, read the two books aforementioned and watch the Disclosure Conference at National Club mentioned above.  Then you can see that the report of The Allies of Humanity verifies the testimonies of abductees, clarifies what is occurring in the world, and provides the missing pieces of the puzzle of the phenomenon that humanity could not have known on its own.  This is not a fiction created by the author.  It is the first set of briefings that the Allies of Humanity transmitted to Marshall.  The Allies of Humanity


 “It is a huge mistake to theorize before one has data.  Inevitably, one begins to twist facts to suit theories, instead of theories to suit facts.” ~ Sherlock Holmes

Any scientific theorizing must be based on data and data only, even if it does not fit into any existing theories.  Some of you stated that because of a scientific theory which “prohibits” superluminal speeds, aliens (that live at least four light years away from our solar system) could not possibly be visiting Earth, despite the fact that people have actually observed objects achieving superluminal speeds and been abducted by ETs.  That is not a logical conclusion.  A rational conclusion is that, in light of the UFO/ET phenomenon that has been occurring in our world, we must reevaluate our current scientific theories. 

I suggest not twisting facts to suit theories. 

There are no “strong reasons” that we aren’t being visited by ETs.  We are, indeed, being “visited” by extraterrestrial beings that, by the way, did not even obtain permission from human beings to enter our solar system.  In fact, contrary to someone’s empty claims, sometimes abductees have been observed by others, being taken by ETs.  Here again, it would serve you to learn a little bit about the abductees’ experiences by reading the book Taken.   After all, abductees are the most crucial evidence, that not only are we being visited by extraterrestrials, but also are our fundamental rights being infringed upon by these uninvited and unwelcome “visitors.”

In light of the UFO/ET phenomenon, many beliefs upheld by human beings will need to be reevaluated – scientific theories as well as religious beliefs and any personal beliefs.  That is what some of the true scientists are doing now.  There may be scientists who may wish to delve further into the phenomenon, but can’t or won’t at the risk of their careers and reputations.  True scientists do not cling to any preexisting theories; for they know that even one single counterexample to a theory disproves the theory entirely and must discard it.  They know that science is an evolving subject which changes, not always in an accumulative manner, but sometimes in a manner that an old theory is discarded in favor of a new theory. 

In the interim, those who believe themselves to be scientific will perhaps continue to defend old theories that they uphold, and attempt to twist any data that seem to disprove them, in order to preserve the theories.  It is often difficult to make radical changes, particularly if they involve many factors and aspects in the society which are interwoven like a web.  It is an arduous process.   


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