I'm predicting that the President will get a second term despite slightly losing the general vote, all due to America's wacky Electoral College system. In other words, the reverse of the Bush/Gore election.

Maybe this will be the impetus to get rid of the wacky Electoral College thing.

What's your prediction?

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I hope its Obama.. because I'd rather a democrat pick our Supreme Court Justices than a republican.   

Obama will win, assume his role as the anti-Christ, and usher in the end times, of course.


Some days I almost wish the rapture would happen if only to see the ultra-religious disappear.

I just wish they'd take the Muslims with them. Can you imagine? It would fix overpopulation, make humanity significantly smarter, and maybe (maybe) even a little more peaceful.

I think that's a pretty unfair statement, but I'd rather not get into it here.

Burger King or McDonalds ... hmmm.  I have committed myself to be politically neutral in any public discussion, so I'll just say who I don't want to win and keep it to myself (Mitt Romney) - kk

I think if Romney would win that a lot of men will sleep in the doghouse. My prediction is that the ladies will crack their whip on voting day and a lot of men will vote Obama. (Or so I hope)

As an atheist with liberal views I find it shocking that there is still that many who support the views of Republicans with their ideas of "equal" rights. The Republican view strikes me as oppressionist and with small government policies those at the right side of the barrel will have the law in their hands. Albeit that lawyers have mostly replaced the hooded crook.

A little tweet I sent out to both candidates "May the most affluent candidate win". My little jab at "The best government that money can buy".

I think it's going to be Obama but it's also going to be very close. I know it's a pipe-dream but it would be nice to see Obama go all whoop ass on the Republicans if he gets a second term.

Obama will be in the same position unless the public changes the complexion of the House of Reps to Democrat and keeps the Senate in the Democratic column.

  1. Like I said... pipe-dream. Obama probably won't be any different than this term.

If nothing else, ObamaCare will survive, the Dems will continue to set the agenda and retain committee control in the Senate, and may even end up landing a few Supreme Court appointments.  

There's also the added benefit that Romney and his allies in Congress won't be able to cripple the economy a second time by doubling down on Bush-era deregulation, corporate welfare, massive tax cuts for the rich, and the confidence fairy.

A maintenance of the status quo under Obama-- even with the standard scorched-earth opposition from Republicans-- would still mean a slowly improving economy and job market. It's not great, but it beats the alternative.

In some respects I definitely agree with you. I don't think anything will get done to really reduce the deficit let alone move towards balancing a budget with four more years under Obama. Guantanamo will probably stay open even after he leaves office. Deadlock in Congress will undoubtedly continue.

The drones... when it comes to Al Qaeda and the Taliban, they don't play by rules. In guerrilla warfare, total eradication of the enemy is the only way that one can be sure they won't come back. When it comes to war, the more rules we play by, the more we handicap ourselves against an enemy who plays by far less rules. You may not like the drones, but in the end, they are an astoundingly effective tactic for the kind of operation we are conducting. The pentagon will only stop using drones to attack enemies on foreign soil when it becomes ineffective, which is not going to happen anytime soon.

In the end, Obama and Romney share one thing in common that is undeniable. They are both extremely practical men and govern in a practical manner. In that respect, one is likely to be as good or bad as the other.


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