I'm predicting that the President will get a second term despite slightly losing the general vote, all due to America's wacky Electoral College system. In other words, the reverse of the Bush/Gore election.

Maybe this will be the impetus to get rid of the wacky Electoral College thing.

What's your prediction?

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I expect that third party candidates will be more appealing the next time around.

The next president will need to deal with the 'junk-pile' of the NY/east coast area now. If the last east coast storm is any indication of the things to come, politics could become the least of our worries. 

I'm Canadian and won't vote, but I hope to hell that Obama wins, because Romney scares the crap out of me.  Anybody who devotes their lives to a religion created in the past 200 years should be committed, yet he has a chance at being the most powerful man in the world. All religion is crazy, but Mormonism is extra crazy.

rflmao - kk

I second that. I am amazed that he manages to trump up that much support to begin with.

I blogged this a while back but maybe it was too early. There is a Mormon mission house across from my house. New guys every few months all dressed the same, what a shame. But they are far out and way more deluded than the other cults. Anybody a bit uneasy at the prospect of a fundamentalist in the White House or is it just me? Yes, Brother President.

BTW, I currently live in the only state that actually matters in this election, at least according to the "experts." I live in Ohio. If you live in Indiana or New Mexico, how does it feel to know that your vote is so taken for granted that it (pardon my street lingo) don't mean diddly-squat?

I predict that it simply does not matter much because big money and big business are what gets them into Orifice and once in the incumbent has to pay up on the millions of dollars it took to get there.

"Democracy" my pert little ass !
Judith vd R.

BIG Money runs the entire world; no one is immune from it's influence. It sucks.

I also feel that an Obama win is looking pretty safe. Fine by me, because he's certainly better than Romney. He may just win the popular vote, but should be fine in the electoral college. I think the Democrats will win the senate as well.

Last prediction, I'm voting for Rocky Anderson, but he will probably only come in fifth...

With bumper stickers
Magic knickers
And Chicken Fil 'A' bias
Commercial Hour
Dictates the power
And nil's decided by us.

We'll make our notes
And cast our votes
If it goes wrong, it's not us
They way they play,
Through who can pay,
Is what dictates our POTUS

With election day fast approaching, perhaps we could all use a laugh.  My boyfriend shared this "prediction" with me over coffee earlier today:

Zombie Apocalypse

That's fantastic.


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