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Something we all need to be aware of for the upcoming elections, imo. Bush's idea of a New World Order involves a very long process of dismantling religious fanaticism around the globe, something I might post about later. But to make a long story short:


Some believe that the PRC is the sustainer and provider of religious fanaticism around the globe today. The arguments are involved, but evidence of the PRC supporting violent extremists around the globe to undermine U.S. foregin policy is aplenty. What do you think?


This was published on my blog and can be read there as well.

The CFR is today reporting that the U.S. will be re-orienting its military posture as the wars of the last decade "come to a close"; something I was not aware was happening. But if you know anything about who the people are who are discussing this, its a done deal and that is where USG foreign policy is almost certainly headed, in my narrow opinion, the 2012 Presidential Clown election notwithstanding.

This is a sad day for me. I am witnessing the slow motion decline of my country as the world's greatest economic and military power. This re-orientation is, as is always the case with nations in decline, driven by economic reality: The U.S. can no longer spend like it used to. The size of the U.S. economy, ceteris paribus, is drawing downward as the PRC rises to global prominence.

And the New World Order described by George Bush, Senior - as opposed ot the conspiracy version - requires that we deal with the PRC directly, as they are the ringleader of resistance to this agenda. Leading a pack of resistance to U.S. and western global hegemony, China is the linchpin behind the ability of countries like Russia, Iran, Venezuela and Brazil to buck the New World Order.

It is the economy of the PRC that allows these countries to withstand sanctions and harrassment from the west. The PRC provides both the production and the consumption to keep this small cabal of international resistance breathing ... indeed, doing quite well. While the west is in economic decline, the "resistance" is doing surprisingly well and getting better economically. We'll see where that goes.

I've postedthe USG's DoD Quadrennial Review that CFR is referencing, which is apparently the "cheaper" military USG is now going to build out.

- kk

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...and the USA didn't? i suppose if its fundamental Christianity supplying arms that's OK.

That's not really the point I think.

You bloody well know as a country which countries supply arms to hostile 3rd countries. At the beginning of the Iraq war US soldiers were killed mostly by old Soviet Russian stuff. As the occupation progressed, China and Iran were making money as the opposition resupplied.

And there are no Chinese in the area, or anywhere else, being killed by Christian/NATO supplied weapons.

sounds like a pretty good answer to me

I'm curious about what action this information inspires you to take. I mean you obviously share it because you want to raise awareness. This implies that you'd like to see it change, and that you think that change is possible... which I guess would make you an optimist? I, on the other hand, look at this information and think "Abandon. Ship."

Hey C. Lewal,

Very perceptive analysis. As for wanting something to change, it depends on which parts you're talking about.

I very much do want to raise awareness of the fact that religion is a complex, global monster that ties into the future of Humanity, that has deep geopolitical connections, has been used and abused by virtually every aspirant for regional or world power in history, and is not just about our own personal, negative experiences in our communities.

If we care about the survival and continuance of Humanity we all have to act to eliminate or reduce the impact of religion globally, imo.

Your sentiment is the more common one which, no offense to those who feel that way, is precisely why religion has been used so successfully to exploit and take advantage of the masses for hundreds of years. It will be left to an "awakened" minority to do anything about this and, if you think it might be a lost cause, it could very well be. We won't know until the end game is on us, imo.

- kk



Hi Kir, sorry for the intrusion again. I still don't know what you're on about or what you are trying to achieve but I've always had an enquiring mind especially about things i know absolutely nothing about. Ive tried to look up Religious Hegemony on wiki and the page has been censored which makes me even more curious.

for me everything was explained in "All watched over by machines of loving grace " A brilliant documentary about the rise of the machines (computers) that now tend to govern us all and that Hegemony (as we know it) is fundamentally dead. But then why would Wiki ban something?




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