Most atheist I know are pretty convinced about the facts and scientific evidence against relgion and that's enough to stop believing. Like me, I'm a very analytical person so I can't follow something that isn't true. But lately I've been reading about different personality types and got me thinking about how we sometimes approach talking about religion with certain people. If the goal is to free as many people as possible from the myths and bullshit that's around, I think is a good move to know how to talk to different kinds of personalities. We know that there are people that simply cannot reason when it comes to religion because their feelings are too strong about it and facts won't work. In those cases we have to be able to understad where the person is coming from and how to make a relevant point for that situation. Now, I don't have much knowledge about it, but if someone that does has some insight will really help. What do you guys think?

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Well, psychopathology is rampant among televangelists, and Narcissistic Personality is common among pastors of mega churches  

We could talk ourselves blue in the face and get nowhere with the leadership, who have much more than their spiritual lives invested in the status quo.  I believe the OP is concerned with the more passionate/intuitive personalities among the laity.  


As to the OP, I agree and think that this type of approach could be helpful.  I once had a cross-personality reference sheet of how to approach difficult "discussions" (lol) with people who just don't think like you do.  It was based on the Meyer-Briggs assessment.  I woiuld think there ought to be books related to the subject...

 Meyer-Briggs the only personality assessment based on Jungian principles,  utterly worthless! 


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