Anemia is reduce of the red cell mass due to a lowering in the Hb conc or the RBC count 


  Types of anemia ::  


 1- Iron deficiency 


 In Laboratory there is many results for Iron deficiency anemia ,

Mcv : low

MCH : low

RDW : High

RBCs Count : low

S.Iron : low

S.Ferritin: low  


2. Thalassemia. 


  In Laboratory there is many results for Thalassemia,


MCV : Very low

MCH : low

 RDW : High

 RBCs count :High

S.Iron : Normal

S..Ferritin : Normal  


3- Sickle cell anemia . 

  In Laboratory there is many results for Sickle cell anemia  ,


MCV : Normal

MCH :Normal

RDW : Normal

RBCs Count : Normal

S.Iron : Normal

S..Ferritin : Normal

Sickle cell preparation : Positive    

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I am here .................. ^_^
And i hope you respond to me with open heart .....
Thank you Jean,
Did you not read about islam before ?
Hello mydear friend Jean..

I will try to explain my believe in god to you ..

Islam is such a practical religion that it gives us
room for repentance and getting back to the right

Allaah says :

“Allaah is the Creator of all things, and He is the
Wakeel (Trustee, Disposer of affairs, Guardian) over
all things”

Allaah says ::

(There is not one single creature domiciled on earth
but derives its sustenance from Allah Who knows its
settled habitation and the duration of its life span. )

He also knows the site of its future interment and
when it shall be reclaimed for Judgement Hereafter.
All such events are recorded in a Book manifest of

Allah said:

(There is not one single creature domiciled on earth
but derives its sustenance from Allah Who knows its
settled habitation and the duration of its life span.
He also knows the site of its future interment and
when it shall be reclaimed for Judgement Hereafter.
All such events are recorded in a Book manifest of
precision ( Hood 6))

We believe that Allah knew, with His ultimate
knowledge, what all His creations will do, even before
the creations took place. Allah recorded all this
knowledge in Al-Lauhulmahfudz - the preserved tablet.
We believe that it is the will of Allah that these
things will take place, whether they are good or bad.

Allah created our willingness and our ability of doing
things - we can only do something if we are willing
and able to do it. However, we are responsible for the
choices we make.

Q 1 Did Allah want the baby to be sick and almost


Would you believe in allah if the answer is no?

My dear Sickness is a law of the world we live in.
Babies are not privileged in this world. No one is.
The same physical laws apply equally to all of us in
this world.

Allah in the holy quran said :

Say to them: Nothing befalls us good fortune or
misfortune, victory or martyrdom, defeat or retreat,
but has been divinely assessed and justly determined
by Allah. He is our tutelary guardian and in Allah
should those whose hearts have been touched with the
divine hand put their trust.(Al-tawaba 51)

the Prophet mohammed said, "Be keen for whatever is
beneficial for you. Seek the help of Allah. And don't
be reckless." This hadith implies we must make the
effort. The right concept of qadar is: we are
responsible for whatever we do.

So Illness/sickness is qadar - but we have been
commanded by the Prophet mohammed to look for a cure
should we become ill. Finding a cure is also qadar.
Thus, a qadar could be dealt with through another

Q2 (If Allah did want the baby to live and be healthy,
why didn't Allah just prevent the baby from getting
sick in the first place? )

Because in the laws of this world one can get sick.
You want this world to be Paradise !!!. It isn't, but
what you do in it can get you there or prevent you
from getting there.

The hoky quran said :

214- Or did you people who conformed to Islam think
you would qualify to reside in Paradise before
enduring hardship and trials determining your real
qualities of endurance and inclination, trials similar
to your predecessors’ subjection! They were so
stricken by misfortunes and calamities that they
trembled and quaked in fear to the point that the
Prophet himself and those in his line expressed their
thoughts: «When shall Allah’s promised victory come to
pass?» Allah’s assistance is indeed near; He is the
relief for such persons when in trouble.(Al-baqara

Also said ::

155- We will afflict you with some disagreeable events
and misfortunes to test your faith’s qualities. We
will make you experience fear, hunger and loss of
wealth and lives, and a diminished yield in the
earth’s fruits. But announce, O Muhammad, blissful
tidings to the patient and constantly persevering,
unwearied in the face of difficulties and hindrances.

156- Who lift to Allah their inward sight when
befallen with a misfortune or a calamity, expressing
themselves thus: «We belong to Allah and to Him shall
we return».

Allah said :

31- In fact, We will most certainly try you people to
distinguish you into those who consider Allah's
purpose the heart of their purpose and strive
patiently in His cause, and those who are not moved to
action; and to ascertain your spirit and your worth
when you engage in the practical test of actual

32- Those who denied Allah and stood in the way to
prevent Allah's spirit of truth from guiding people
into all truth, and forsook the Messenger after the
truth was made evident to them by heaven and by men,
shall not harm Allah in the least, but He will imprint
their deeds with irreverence, profanity and damnation.

Q3( How do you know that doc's treatments on the baby
worked because Allah wanted it to work? Did someone
tell you this? How do you know what Allah wants? )

Because God tells us! God says in the Quran that
nothing can happen without His permission. You
couldn't be atheist if God didn't let you. He let you
because He created you with a free will to decide. You
decided wrong.

Allah in the holy quran said:

‘Nothing shall ever happen to us except what Allaah
has ordained for us. He is our Mawlaa (Lord, Helper
and Protector).’ And in Allaah let the believers put
their trust”[al-Tawbah 9:51]

Q4:What if Allah WANTED the baby to be cured, BUT----
--- the doc that day was lousy doc, and gave poison by
accident and the baby died? Would the wrong treatments
still work then? Would the baby be
protected from poison? Or, is Allah limited in getting
His wishes by how talented that doc that day is?

God is not an alien from outer space with special
powers like Superman. If God wants something to
happen, it will. Nothing and nobody can mess it up
even if they tried. Nothing escapes God's knowledge or
can overpower Him.

Q5(Are you saying that doctors are tools Allah uses to
cure the babies He wants cured? What if the doctor is
an atheist, will the baby still be cured? Why can't
Allah just "BING!!" magically cure the baby even
without doctors? )

Yes. God can supernaturally cure anybody, but He chose
a certain set of laws for this world and He set them
in motion. the world is notParadise. It's a stepping
ladder to it, if you're willing to climb. Obviously,
you don't want to.

Q6 (Can Allah perform miracles? (most gods of US are
thought to be able to perform miracles) Why can none
of the gods cause a person to grow back a new limb?
Why does Allah never ever ever ever help
amputees? )

If by help amputees you mean grow them a new limb,
then again, the physical laws of this world may not
let that happen.
But God has inspired scientists to manufacture
artificial limbs(prosthetics)
In the laws of this world, there is only one way to
find out: scientific research.
maybe stem cell research can grow new limbs .If it is
possible in God's natural law on earth.

This is a good link explain the concept of god in
islam .

I hope it help you .
Thanks jean ,
I translate it last night , and translate my reply today .
It Takes a long time but I hope it help you.
Thanks for you ^_^.....
Oh my god , I Predicted all of your words really .

If you read my words with open heart you will find all reply for your
new questions ...

Did you read the article in the link ?
Did you read my reply Carefully?


So God gave permission somehow, or, ordained, for the baby to get sick? The baby could not get sick without Allah's consent then?
What kind of a god would make an innocent baby suffer to test someone else's faith? How is THAT EVEN FAIR?

God allowed it to happen because He set physical laws for this world and they resulted in the baby getting sick. But, how did you know that the only purpose of the baby's sickness is to test someone else's faith? Only God knows the whole picture. You only see one angle of it which you do not like and jump to a monumental conclusion. That is immature.

//"Yes. God can supernaturally cure anybody"// Why did Allah need the doctors then? Since you seemed to know that Allah wanted the baby to live, why did he rely on the doctors to do "his" work for him?

He does not need doctors, but He has instituted laws in this world that doctors and medicine help cure sickness. Again, you keep skipping that part .

//"If by help amputees you mean grow them a new limb,
then again, the physical laws of this world may not
let that happen."// Oh, i thought you said Allah can do supernatural miracles. Is this true? How do you know? Have you seen any yourself?

We know because He says so in the Quran. First, you read the Quran and decide if it is the truth or not. Once you accept that is telling the truth then it follows that you believe everything else that God says in it. Your problem is that you did not read the Quran, or did not conclude after reading it that it is the truth. It's your problem.

Why, in all these centuries, with many many very very very faithful muslims having lost a limb, is there not 1 who Allah decided to help grow a new limb? NOt even 1?

Because He did not will to. He lets the laws of the world play out. You wish He did not, but you don't tell Him what He should do, He tells you what you should do. Your problem is that you think you would have been a better god. That's your delusion.

How do you know the Quran is true? There are many many gods, many gods. You were told about this god by your parents. If you had been born in say, Italy, you'd have a completely different god, and you would firmly believe THAT god is THE god, because you'd only heard about THAT god.

Because I read the Quran myself and was completely convinced that it is the truth. You should do the same yourself while you still have time. There are hundreds of Italians who converted to Islam for the exact same reason.

PLZ take your time in reading very carefully ...

Thank you dear ..
Hello Jean ,

I will explain you some basics of the Islamic faith.
We have rules in Islam, do not walk in this life so coincidence.
I noticed that All your questions is about beileving on allah and the
existance of him ..

To improve the exictance of any something you can use your senses to
determine that you can see, hear, feel, smell, taste it .right ?
But this is not how we perceive God .
because Nothing is like Him. He is the Creator, not created, nor a
part of His creation.
He is All-Powerful, absolutely Just.
There is no other entity in the entire universe worthy of worship
besides Him.
He is First, Last, and Everlasting; He was when nothing was, and will
be when nothing else remains.
He is the All-Knowing, and All-Merciful, the Supreme, the Sovereign.
It is only He Who is capable of granting life to anything.

Allah, there is no Ilah but He, The Eternal, the Absolute, Purveyor of
sustenance for all, and AL-Qayum (Omnipotent) Who preserves existence.
It is not congruous with His divine nature to slumber or sleep. To Him
belong all in the heavens and on earth. Who is it Who can intercede on
behalf of another in His August Presence but by the graceful
proclamation of His permission? He knows His creatures’ experiences
and the course of coming events which bridge their span and no one can
comprehend anything of His knowledge nor can anything be known except
as He will. His Throne, His knowledge and His dominance and command
extend over the heavens and earth, whose preservation does not tire
Him or worn out with fatigue, and He is above all and beyond all, He
is the Unique, whose attributes belong to the highest regions of
thought and reality.(Al baqarah 255)

We can look to the things that He has created and the way that He
cares for things and sustains us, to know that there is no doubt of
His existence.

Think about this the next time that you are looking up at the moon or
the stars on a clear night; could you drop a drinking glass on the
sidewalk and expect that it would hit the ground and on impact it
would not shatter, but it would divide up into little small drinking
glasses, with iced tea in them? Of course not.

Can a fast food restaurant operate itself without any people there?
That's crazy for anyone to even think about.

After considering all of the above, how could we look to the universe
above us through a telescope or observe the molecules in a microscope
and then think that all of this came about as a result of a "big bang"
or some "accident?"

Allah has created all that we call the universe as a test for us. This is not our final destination. What we might consider to be "bad" or "good" could actually be quite the opposite. As regards oppression, this is something that Allah forbids for Himself to do to anyone and He hates it when anyone oppresses someone else. He does have absolute power over everything. He allows sickness, disease, death and even oppression so that we can all be tested in what we do.

Allah tells us that He is Pure, Loving, and absolutely Just in every respect. He says that He is the Best of Judges. He also tells us that the life that we are in is a test. He has created all the things that exist and He has created all that happens as well. There is nothing in this existence except what He has created.

He is using this as one of the many tests for us.

Allah says in His Quran that He did not create all of this for any foolish purpose. He tells us that He created us for the purpose of worshiping Him, Alone and without any partners.

Allah is never subject to the Laws of the Creation because He is both the Creator and the Law Giver. Whenever He wants anything done, He merely says "Qun! Faya Qun!" (Be! And so it will be!)

To believe in Allah means to believe in total perfection, and uniqueness.

Allah sent His Messengers (peace be upon them) to guide all of mankind.
He sent Muhammad (pbuh) as the last Prophet and Messenger for all mankind.
His book is the Holy Qur'an, the only authentic revealed book in the world that has been kept without change.

Muslims have something that offers the most clear proof of all - The Holy Quran. There is no other book like it anywhere on earth. It is absolutely perfect in the Arabic language. It has no mistakes in grammar, meanings or context. The scientific evidences are well known around the entire world, even amongst non-Muslim scholars. Predictions in the Quran have come true; and its teachings are clearly for all people, all places and all times. No one has been able to produce a book like it, nor ten chapters like it, nor even one chapter like it. It was memorized by thousands of people during the lifetime of Muhammad, peace be upon him, and then this memorization was passed down from teacher to student for generation after generation, from mouth to ear and from one nation to another. Today every single Muslim has memorized some part of the Quran in the original Arabic language that it was revealed in over 1,400 years ago, even though most of them are not Arabs. There are over nine million (9,000,000) Muslims living on the earth today who have totally memorized the entire Quran, word for word, and can recite the entire Quran, in Arabic just as Muhammad, peace be upon him, did 14 centuries ago.

This is the holy quran by arabic and english ,

Read it if you really want to know allah .
Hello Jean ,
Sorry dear i can not read your reply now .
Today and Tomorrow is the Eid al-Fitr and i will travel now with my family .
When i am back o will read it .
But some of your pictures Horrified me ...
Bye ..
Hi Jean ,

Now I realized another reason for believers not
continue talking wit atheist .
( you are not listening only to yourself )

Now i realize that your problem is too big ,I can
only ask God to give you guidance.

But I'm quite certain that you are lost in this life.

I asked you before Are read about Islam? And you said

But I've realized that you did not read a completely
nothing about him is true. My dear friend, as I told
you earlier You must read the Qur'an ,it is the
source of Islam. And You must read about Islam from
the right sources.

all you said about Islam absolutely Wrong .

I tell you again you must recite the Qur'an and
understand him very well.

So we will continue to go around a vicious circle.!!

All your questions in similar.

You will find all answers in the holy quran .

And this is a good sites about islam .


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