Herbert and Catherine Schaible asked God to heal their 8-month-old baby son with magic while he spent days struggling to breathe. He died last week. They were still on probation for manslaughter after letting their two-year-old son die of pneumonia in 2009 under similar circumstances: they sought the aid of supernatural beings with magical powers rather than doctors with medical degrees. 

Imagine Herbert and Catherine Schaible had killed a toddler in 2009 with a savage beating or by neglecting it in favor of watching Star Trek DVDs for a week straight while it coughed itself to death. Would they have gotten probation for that or would they still be sitting in prison today? How likely is it that, once placed in the hands of a jury, Herbert and Catherine Schaible will ever spend time in prison for killing the second of two small children with religiously motivated medical neglect?

You might want to Google similar cases before you post your thoughts on the matter.

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Me Robert?  I'm actually much more a Bob.  I think only my grandmother ever called me Robert.

What would you disagree with, @Barry?


@Professor Robert

WTF do you mean whipping horse?  If you in anyway disagree that the Catholic church as an entity, as a whole, should not be dismantled for the vast molestation cover-up then you are one twisted fuck, or you are ignorant of the facts.  So which is it? 

@JimmyRussell, we Americans killed an awful lot of children and their families in a trumped up war with Iraq, including a large intelligence cover-up or at least blunder.

We also enslaved and oppressed people forcibly kidnapped from Africa, nearly exterminated an indigenous population, on and on...    Lots more kids experiencing a lot more suffering.

Do you think that America as an entity, as a whole, should be dismantled?

Yeah, actually I do.  I think we could use a huge re-write on a lot of the fucked up shit we do.  Now answer the fucking question. 


I think there are two problems here with getting the professor to address the facts head on.  The first is that he is Catholic, and as such has spent his life surrounded by pedophiles, so they seem perfectly normal to him.  As such, he believes that every corner of society is filled with pedophiles and the raping of children is just a fact of life - although he says he is appalled by it.

The second is that when pinned down he demands incontrovertible proof of any and all claims made that seem derogatory to his cult - yet when asked for evidence of any claims he has made against other organizations (which he thinks, in some twisted way, exonerates his cult) he tosses out faded memories of obscurely referenced articles or vaguely references conversations he has had with authorities in various fields.  This is standard behavior for all theists - always demanding impossible levels of proof that their gods do not exist while 'overturning' any level of evidence thrown at them with vague, inaccurate, anecdotal recollections.

Actually Heather, I don't think Professor Robert can address facts head on.  Originally I felt he was just another oleaginous sycophant, a man who puts the 'apology' in apologetics.  But having read more of his contributions, I have found that I genuinely feel sorrow for him, as he is so desperately trying to defend the indefensible. In that it appears that cognitive dissonance is so deeply embedded in his psyche, I'm gently stepping back from any further attempt at interaction.

I hope he takes his beliefs with him to his grave, because an awakening to reality may very well have detrimental impact on his core psyche.  Again, this is a situation where I am glad that he will never have to face the fact he is so utterly wrong - the oblivion that follows death will be a real kindness.

@ Heather and Strega;

I enjoy your comments ladies.

Poor Bob may he rest in oblivion.



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