Hi folks,

I have a lot of Facebook 'friends' from my bad old fundie days, and usually I try to avoid any public discussion with them on Facebook of religious issues, but the other day I couldn't resist commenting on this status update:

I have a couple of things in mind for my next comment, but I thought I'd throw it open to you guys and see what you come up with. So fire away!

cheers, Jim

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A creator that makes his creation inherently flawed and sinful comes down as himself AND his son at the same time to rescue us from his own 'plan' and then demands worship, damning anyone to agonizing suffering for eternity without the chance of parole for nothing more than asking for proof is hardly good.
He didn't have to die for our sins because he didn't have to make us sinful in the first place.

(Along the same lines as Misty) His last two sentences beg the argument of God sacrificing himself to himself, to forgive his creations for something he created into them, he made them do, and he made the law saying it was wrong.
I love this, Misty! I'll post it and any updates here :)
"Judging God as guilty of wrongdoing is like a little child trying to sit in judgment of his parents."

Even children can understand that murder and needless suffering are wrong. If people feel justified by the idea that their god apparently does terrible things while they hide under a cloak of childish ignorance, then they commit the sin of the "good man who does nothing". Meanwhile, people who actually care about what happens to other human beings will be saving the lives that their god would destroy.
I posted Misty's comment, and the original poster on Facebook has gone quiet... but that's ok, the comments are still there for all his friends to read and thinkabout :) He likes to think his 'ministry' 'reaches out' to atheists and the undecided, so there might be some open-minded people who come across the comments who get some food for thought. If and when he does respond, I might use the Mark Twain quote or the wonderful cartoon at some point. Thanks guys, keep them coming :D
Indeed, he didn't have to do that. If God makes the rules and wanted to forgive our sins, why not just forgive them? Why chose to do it through a human sacrifice? Does that seem like the action of a loving, omnipotent being?
A prideful one, perhaps, who can't admit that he was wrong.
Now I got this reply, which doesn't make any sense to me.... but I think the writer is Belgian or French so that might explain the incoherence

Is he talking in code?
OK here are the latest 2 replies. Smily face is obviously not an English speaker, but it is clear where she is going. Looks like some classic circular logic to me, how do I answer this one?

Why was there just as much suffering, if not more, when Christianity had more influence over society?
So this god plays with politics rather than for the individual souls that serve him & die in these scenarios... oh yeah, that was his plan.


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