Trying to talk sense into my mom.. is it really worth it?

I feel like religion for my mom, is something to ease her fears with life and death. I think death scares her, and thinking about an afterlife of happiness, sounds better than nothing.

A little background..My parents are divorced, my dad was pretty much an asshole(he has changed a lot now) and never let my mom do anything, made her go sit in a back room when his friends came over, she was never allowed to hang out with them ,he cheated on her.. blah blah, you get it. She divorced him, for good reason obviously.

I tried to tell my mom that the bible pretty much says that what my dad did was acceptable. She really didn't understand that. I also hear a lot of "Well, thats the old testament"

I'm kind of torn here. Should I even bother reasoning with my mom? I know religion gives her a lot security. It just really bugs me to know she is believing a complete lie.

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Yea it sounds like we are in the same boat! That is awesome!
What are you actually hoping to achieve? "Worth" is relative. I can't know what it would mean to either of you. For my own mother, who has high blood pressure and diabetes, even trying to convince her to stop eating bad foods became far more grief than it was worth. Parents, as it turns out, are really just other people. And most people, once they are set in their ways, are not movable without a real, ugly fight. But only you know if that is your case.
I guess it just bugged me because everything she believes is a total lie. The more I think about it though, the more I realize I just need to leave it be. She is someone who really needs christianity in her life to keep motivated. She isn't hurting anyone with what she believes in, and she has always been supportive of my opinions.

I think it's important that you are able to be who YOU are around her. What is integral in making you the person you are needs to be maintained. Decorum and courtesy takes care of the rest. It's galling to think someone you respect and love is almost certainly wrong about something like faith, but as long as she treats you like a loved and cherished daughter, you can make allowances. I know my mom had to when I was growing up...
My Mom is a widow in her mid-seventies. She attends church and all that but is not a "bible thumper." In the past year I have become MUCH more open about by lack of belief. Initially it troubled her but she has accepted my stance and does not press the issue. We talk occasionally about religion and I have to repeat myself it seems. I believe there may be an iota of doubt in her mind about her belief but I never press the issue. We respect and love one another which is important to me, of course.

In the future your own Mom may gain interest or curiosity about your personal views.


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