Trying to talk sense into my mom.. is it really worth it?

I feel like religion for my mom, is something to ease her fears with life and death. I think death scares her, and thinking about an afterlife of happiness, sounds better than nothing.

A little background..My parents are divorced, my dad was pretty much an asshole(he has changed a lot now) and never let my mom do anything, made her go sit in a back room when his friends came over, she was never allowed to hang out with them ,he cheated on her.. blah blah, you get it. She divorced him, for good reason obviously.

I tried to tell my mom that the bible pretty much says that what my dad did was acceptable. She really didn't understand that. I also hear a lot of "Well, thats the old testament"

I'm kind of torn here. Should I even bother reasoning with my mom? I know religion gives her a lot security. It just really bugs me to know she is believing a complete lie.

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It depends on her state of mind. Maybe the comfort religion gives her is too strong to argue with.

I agree.  Your dad was controlling/abusive.  It takes a great deal of courage and self honesty to leave a situation like that.  Millions of people never take that huge leap.  You should be very proud of her already.


Before leading her to question her religion, I would consider how long ago the divorce was and how established her sense of self is now.  Is she strong enough right now to process the type of cognitive dissonance your prodding is going to instigate, much less go through another major life transformation (deconversion)?  She may need her religion as a coping mechanism while of rebuilding her life and self-confidence.  Let her have it for now.


Once you know she's in a healthy place, I think it would be appropriate to broach the subject.
The divorce was just a few years ago. She still gets very upset about it.

The more I think about it, the more I think I should just leave it be. Her happiness is the most important thing right now, and I think that realizing there is no god or a happy place after death would be too depressing, and not worth it in the long run.
Yea I think thats the case
Ignorance is bliss.
So so true.

Awww , you can try , but I don't think you'll succeed.  If she is using the 'The is the Old Testament' reflex when something contradicts her beliefs , just point her to some of the things that are in the Pauline epistles ... about women not speaking in church and should keep quiet ... how the husbands are given divine authority to rule over their wives and how their wives should be obedient and loving to the husband ... 


Then what is she going to say?  Oh , but Jesus didn't say that!  LOL.  

I've mentioned that, but she just blocks it out. I'm just going to let it go, and let her believe what she wants.
You're right. I've been thinking about it a lot, and I'm just going to leave it be. She has always been supportive of me, so I need to do the same in order for her to be happy.
I say let her have her views and consolations, the effect on you is hardly worth comparing to her peace of mind and it's (I'm guessing) too late in the game to assume changing her mind (even if you could) would have substantial positive returns.
You're right :) Her happiness is what is important, and it really isn't hurting anyone for her to believe what she does. She is a good person, and has always been a good mom and very supportive of me regardless of religion(or lack of)

Sometimes people just need an imaginary friend! Same thing we did as kids, God is just adults imaginary friend.



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