Trump says "Countries need borders!" Seems to be true.

One of the great things about the EU was that it was, in a way, borderless. Of course, there were borders on maps, but going from Germany to France or Italy to Switzerland didn't involve a passport or paper. 

I say it "was" a great thing because the borders are going up again. Why? Because countries need borders, just as Trump is saying in the US.

Is this right, or should Europe remain borderless?

Read this article for background.

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The latest suggestion: Send them where the sun don't shine (about half the year). 

I was joking one time with Heather Spoonheim that nationless people could be sent to where there was no nation...Antarctica!

A bit different from this as refugees are not considered "stateless"

I guess the European space program isn't ready to send them to the moon just yet.

Okay, here's an approach that might work for Europe:

"We'll take the women and children. The men (up to age 35 or so)? No, you'll get a uniform and a rifle. Go and take your country back for your women and children."

This is more of a Europe problem than an America problem. And it's even more of a refugee problem than a Europe problem. Presumably, these people would go home if given a chance. Give them a chance.

I love seeing all anti refugee hatred comments from these white losers, all over the news site comment sections. Sure didn't have a problem when they were the invading hordes stealing, raping and killing all native populations around the world to build up their countries.

When they get a taste of their own medicine, now its time for "borders".

A certain percentage of Muslims inevitably seem to convert to ISIS. More Muslims means more ISIS sympathizers and more domestic terrorism. There could be ISIS agents and agitators mixed in with the refugees, too. In retrospect, it seems Europe and the UK made a big mistake with their very permissive and religion-blind immigration programs that allowed for an influx of Muslims.

ISIS seems to be quite good in recruiting disgruntled citizens of any country, including the USA....If  we could remedy the cause of these frustrated  people, maybe they would not be so easily swayed  by ISIS......There is so much Nationalism and Supremacy groups in so many countries, no wonder ISIS is having a field day in recruitment.....Muslims are getting a bad rap because of groups like ISIS, Al Queda, Boka Horam etc...Being a Muslim today must be very difficult.....

ISIS seems to be quite good in recruiting disgruntled citizens of any country, including the USA

True, but they have a big head start with the country's Muslims.

*war torn countries that are Muslims majority.

Their track record outside of Iraq and Syria is not that great. They are only great at recruiting from Sunni Tribal areas from Iraq who hate the Shia government of Iraq.

Lot of the ISIS recruits in America were brain dead Western Muslim converts who were brainwashed by ISIS websites.


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