Trump is the screaming ugly tip of the iceberg of the Republican Candidates. While it's painful to watch what he does and's not that less pleasant following the other candidates. Mention God...mention the attack on God...the 6,000 year old earth...deny climate change and you are taken seriously. Do the reverse and your campaign is already over. Not a single one of them hasn't said or pledged something ludicrous. The competition has gotten so fierce and the tone has been set in such a way...that to get noticed...means to say or do something imbecilic. The more outlandish the better. 

This latest example...for me at one of the worst...because the candidate who did it...knows better than any other. He is relatively moderate, intelligent and until now...the least buffoonish than any of the others. And there is simply no way he believes it is a good idea and that he is saying it for any reason other than grabbing attention. He has been the Governor of a state that borders Canada, one which has always depended on cordial and friendly relations and important trade with the North. 

He "claims" that there are good reasons to build a 8,000km fence between the U.S. and Canada. Scott Walker up until now was controversial (for his union busting antics) but he wasn't like the rest (that is a brainless scrum-driver). The CBC (who needs not convince a single Canadian that a wall is the stupidest idea perhaps ever made) does a great take on this.

What's funny is that there is an actual election campaign going on now in Canada...and yet the clown car contest in the U.S. gets as much press in Canada even though the U.S. election is months away. The boring Canadian election simply cannot match the hilariousness or be as stupefying as mentioning a wall between the U.S. and Canada as well as putting "good reasons" in the same sentence.

Meanwhile the non-democrat campaign continues with three heavyweights all giving reasoned and humanistic ideas and plans for the future of the U.S. in a non-shrill and non moronic way. It's hard to imagine that campaign (even if there gets to be a real campaign) would approach anything like the republican one.

How did things get this way? Why is the republican campaign so grotesque? Why do intelligent candidates have a stoop down to such a scum-politics? Why is such a large portion of republican supporters so gullible to take these lines seriously? Why don't other republican supporters do anything about it?

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these features give one a higher propensity to be homosexuals as opposed to pointing towards obvious homosexuality (like the colour of one's eyes).

Wait...what is the obviously gay eye color? 

@Unseen. It's *twinkle*

He clearly said "colour" not "twinkle." Are you saying that somewhere in the world colour=twinkle? Twinkle makes a lot more logical sense.

Strawberry rainbow twinkle

I'm no closer to understanding why DG isn't high on LSD or suffering from synesthesia.

Ah, you ninjaed me.  I just got through pointing the same thing out then I saw you'd beat me to it.

For the life of me I cannot see where I said lesbians are made !

I think female sexuality, like human sexuality in general, is infinite shades of grey and is beautifully adaptable. We can be born lesbian, we can develop into one due to any number of circumstances or we can just choose to be with female or male for a time - each lesbian is different. I guess I fall into the "born that way" grouping. I have never been with a man other than some heavy petting as a teen, I simply do not find that men light the lights on my tree. I do not wish to insult any male here but I just have never found anything attractive about men. Sexually they just do not do anything for me,  that whole "last turkey in the shop" set of genitals thing...............................................

Now the female form on the other hand does a great deal for me both emotionally and physically. I will admit that we can sometimes be irrational but when you have to ride the oestrogen dragon every month you cannot help but be a bit nuts at times. I am EXTREMELY HAPPY to be the owner of a set of female pelvic nerves. Even now at 35 I am still amazed at the orgasms that can be coaxed out of a woman in terms of strength, number, and variety.. Both personally and professionally I constantly marvel at what the female body can do and how consummingly  deeply we can love - when you life your new born up from between your thighs for the first time, well that is a love that can burn on and on and on.

So, born, made, choice or just plain curiosity it does not matter, for me it is female every time.

Think I may have digressed from topic a bit here, sorry.

Regards, Nina vd R

For the life of me I cannot see where I said lesbians are made !

Well, gee, Nina. Have you forgotten that you wrote this: 

Belle, you make men there sound so unappealing - are there a lot of lesbians there as a result ?

This clearly implies that unappealing men causing lesbianism in women. You said that almost as clearly as it could be said. Don't hide from your very words!

Your remark Unseen implies that I consider the ONLY reason women are lesbian are hopeless men, clearly I do not as can be seen from many of my previous posts

That you would consider it AT ALL is the shocking part.

the shocking part

Meh, some people do have more choice, and I wouldn't blame them for avoiding testosteroned drama if they wanted to. Sir!

LOL, yes that is funny !


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