Troll Fun - Skycomet Calls out a Youtube "Fake Atheist - Theist Pretending to be a Reformed Atheist"

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I wish that I'd never heard of atheism, or at least had been forewarned that atheism is crap. I stood by for a long time in my life waiting for atheism to make things happen for me. Then I realized that nothing was going to happen for me, and all the time I spent being a good atheist was for nothing but the idea that atheism would bring blessings into my life if I followed after it. I wasted a lot of time for a make believe notion. George Carlin blows.
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@PrattvilleCityLimits - If you spent all that time "waiting for atheism to make things happen for you" then you're obviously not a real atheist! And the fact that you think that "if you're a good atheist then you will get blessings" reveals you to have the mind of a theist! So I accuse you! You are a theist pretending you were an atheist to make converts and I challenge you to have the MORALITY to admit your LIE! No atheist thinks that good things happen for a reason! That's superstition!

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@PrattvilleCityLimits - Wow! How mature! I'm going to assume you're about 4 years old now and disregard anything you say troll!

You're a wet penis...and a fucking troll piece of shit. FUCK YOU.
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*Throws bananna cream pie at troll*
I just died laughing! That's the funniest thing I've ever heard, no kidding! "I'm a wet penis..." I don't even have one! I'm a woman! ROFLMFHO!!!! XD
So... I think that troll just killed his argument. lol. Calling a WOMAN a "wet penis!" Wow.
But, I'm pretty sure now that I'm right that this guy was NEVER an atheist. His lack of intellect proves it. But it makes me wonder... WHY do theists go around parading as atheists who've been "reborn?" I guess I go so angry that he was making such a dirty low attempt to further misconceptions about us to the already ignorant public, that I had to respond.
OH! BTW... this is the youtube video that I was referring to. Step lightly! Theres an all out troll war going on there:

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Hello. This is Prattville's parents writing. After reading his post, we have decided to hold Pratt back a year in school. He is obviously not ready for the seventh grade. Unfortunately, at age 19 he will once again be the oldest 6th grader in school, but that cannot be help.

Thank you for reminding us again what a disappointment Prattville has been to us.
Bravo! Hilarious.
He wanted atheism to do something for him? LOL
There is no god of atheism! There is nothing helping good people doing good things. All theists think the same. They always think that there is something in it for them. What arrogance! And humbleness is suppose to be a Virtue.


Just replace the first letter of a word with 'w' and it's an insult.


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