So I take my daughter trick or treating for the first time with her little friend Alex, and at home I pull THIS out of her bag:

There was a last page but I didn't feel it was important enough to copy and fix the contrast on-- just a page half taken up with a place for a name and address so you can 'request more information'.

But this is what our kids deal with-- even on Halloween-- being brainwashed into thinking they've done horrible things they need to repent for or they'll burn in hell, because they deserve to be punished. What do you think of this type of passive doorstep solicitation when kids are just trying to enjoy the holiday?

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This is hilarious! It reminds me of a Jews for Jesus comic they were handing out at Yankee Stadium a few years back.

Silly theists don't even know when they're making fun of themselves- the clown is the one who gets converted, aka THE FOOL.

Forget giving them a piece of your mind, you should gather a bunch of Atheist friends outside their house, huddle over the pamphlet and start making fun of it and laughing at it. Have your own private comedy show about the pamphlet RIGHT OUTSIDE THEIR DOOR. That would be fun.
Im so glad I don't live in America,I don't think I could handle it.I'm watching now as a reply to you ava,a programme about this tea party thing that's going on out there,I'm afraid to say I think your country is going backwards,its god this and god that!how do you cope with it all,fox news is no better than a religious rant,its like the god channel.I hope it gets better out there.
i live here in pious central too (aka america) as for how we deal with it ... depends on the person i guess. You can choose to ignore it, make fun of it, or do what I do and let them know they're assholes through petitions, protests, books, etc. Let your enemy be the rabbit raccoon spitting and throwing garbage at you. then they look bad and not you. :)
I would like to move away to a country with more secular foundation, for sure, if I could. The problem really isn't that people are becoming more pious, rather that pious people are becoming more outspoken in the face of more people becoming outspoken about their secularism. What you're seeing isn't a rise in Christianity or piousness, but a deep chasm being driven between those who are and aren't.

For instance, in the last decade, the percentage of Christians have actually dropped and the number of secularists have actually gone up.
I totally agree with you ava,perhaps that is why the religious are coming out fighting again but I hope its just one to many as more and more American youngsters are becoming atheists and are not afraid to admit it = )
Religion is dying. All we're doing is giving it Last Rites.
P.s I would have gone back to the house and asked them what they thought they were playing at,the more I think about it the more angry I feel about it,kids they are at the end of the day out having fun!and could do without having this shit pushed at them.I hate it when my kids have to do the Christmas concert at primary school,the whole Jesus story,but I do tell just that.that it is a story.
Seriously?! That right there is why houses get egged on Halloween!


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