So I take my daughter trick or treating for the first time with her little friend Alex, and at home I pull THIS out of her bag:

There was a last page but I didn't feel it was important enough to copy and fix the contrast on-- just a page half taken up with a place for a name and address so you can 'request more information'.

But this is what our kids deal with-- even on Halloween-- being brainwashed into thinking they've done horrible things they need to repent for or they'll burn in hell, because they deserve to be punished. What do you think of this type of passive doorstep solicitation when kids are just trying to enjoy the holiday?

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Yeah, her dad's sentiments exactly. He was like 'I KNOW what house that was. I want to go back and bitch them out.' I started cracking up.
I find it funny that the clown doesn't want to be punished. in other words, he doesn't want to be held responsible for his actions. lol
was their at least candy too?

propaganda, especially designed to scare innocent children should not be tolerated.
Thank god they handed her candy as well or I probably would have gone back and said something. LOL
It is pretty bad when they start handing out pamphlets to kids. I say, 'go dad! go kick their ass!' :-)
This is DISGUSTING!! How dare someone try to implant guilt and shame into your child's head without your knowledge! Try to figure out what house that is. Next year I would go with your child to the doors of the houses to see just who is slipping brainwashing material into trick-or-treat bags... then I would avoid that house and tell everyone in the neighborhood what is being put into their children's bags by that house.

[And I thought the "needles in lollipops" stories were horror! X@]
The comic is actually pretty creepy, when you think about. A batshit crazy old woman pulls one of the children away from the group and tells them "heres a special treat for you". Everything about this sounds pretty sinister. But seriously, if I had kids, I wouldn't let them anywhere near that house. Its just despicable to pass out unsolicited guilt trips to children when they're expecting candy.
If i had kids and they got this sort of thing from someone, I'd certainly give them a piece of my mind and point out that they'd probably be a mite upset if their children were given a pamphlet describing how the Christian god is a tyrant and only through Satan can they be truly free.
wow people haave no sense of propriety. if your husband knows what house it is, i say let them have it,jerks.
I love the language of this thing! "He made a WAY OUT so we don't have to be punished for our sins." This can convert them, then help deconvert them later!

Great lesson to teach our kids: You do something wrong and instead of taking accountability for what you did wrong, let someone else take the fall! How come nobody every asks, "Wait, why should Jesus have to die because I'm an asshole? How could I morally accept someone else dying for the wretched things I've done? Isn't it only fair that I accept the punishment for my own wrongdoings?" I have asked a few theists this, and their answer was always, "Yeah, but he ALREADY paid the price." My response is: "So, you're saying, 'You sinned and you either accept this man's death or burn in hell. Hurry up....oh, too late. The man died. You might as well just go ahead and accept it and live forever with the guilt that you killed him. But HERE'S how you can try (and fail) to make it up to him!'? That's fair?"

Hell, at least Aesop's Fables have a moral lesson from which everyone could benefit. This horse crap is just a cycle of fear and guilt with a couple of honeymoons in between.

Did you have to explain this to your daughter, or did you manage to get rid of it before she saw it?
Thank "god" she can't read yet. ;) So I didn't have to do either. I did throw it out anyway.
You summed that up well: let someone else pay the price for your own wrongdoing. How does that make Christians more moral or upstanding? They're all a bunch of cowards who would let a man die in their place even though they know he's innocent.


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