I'm pretty new to TA, but I love what I have seen so far. The idea that we all can work together as a community to help each other is what life is all about.  I would like it to be well known that as a caring human being, my couch is available to any fellow atheists passing through Milan, Tennessee.  No offense, christians, but there are two churches within a half mile of my house so I'm sure you can manage.  I live in a duplex that has two bedrooms and one bathroom, the second bedroom I use as a computer room since I live by myself. Milan is just 20 minutes north of Jackson, TN, so if anyone is traveling on I-40 it is not that long of a detour. My name is Joey Baker, and I'm a 22 years old. My place is a mess, but it cleans up real nice. I've got cable and high speed internet. Mi casa es su casa. No mexicans though. Just kidding, I am by no means a bigot. All races, sexes, ages, and sexual orientations are welcome. My number is 1-731-609-4714. If anyone is passing through or lives in west Tennessee, give me a call and I'll try to accommodate you any way I can. No funny stuff though, my neighbors are home all day and i live withing screaming distance of Milan's police station. And christians.... If I find a bag of flaming dog crap on my doorstep..... I will return the favor to both the catholic church and the methodist churches near my house.

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Hi, Joey! Your hospitality is quite welcome here on T|A. However, you might rethink posting information like your phone number or any other personal information like that so publicly. While members are mostly good folk, not all lurkers at T|A are necessarily friendly and whatever you post here is viewable by the public at large.

You might want to limit that type of information to private message exchanges and always be careful what you are communicating to people online. While I admire such open hospitality, I would always caution people to be a bit more careful of who they invite over and what information they share over the internet.

And welcome to T|A!
not worried about the cell number. I may be naive, but i can take care of myself for the most part. if anyone tries to take advantage of me i will just bury them in the backyard
Well, two things: 1) it can be a pain having to change phone numbers due to harassing phone calls and 2) there's only so many bodies you can bury in the backyard before the neighbors get suspicious.
I'm just saying, people will only accept a story about burying a pet so many times before they grow concerned over multiple, human sized graves being dug. That is all I am saying.
True, true. Maybe tell them that you are burying a demon or something?
glad to be here, thanks for the hospitality
Sincerely, thank you for your concern. I am glad that you care enough to let me know what you think when you believe it will help me. I am used to making mistakes and I will learn a lesson either way from this decision. If I see someone on the side of the road and they ask for $20 for gas, I will probably help them if I can. If they take that money and buy a crack rock, it doesn't change the fact that I acted in empathy. People take advantage of naivety all the time. I just have to limit the number of times I get taken for a fool.
I like your sentiment, sir. I'd have done the same, if I didn't already have a 'godless heathen' living on my couch...


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