Tourism boost for Wisconsin is a Miracle.


Church affirms Virgin Mary apparition.

Over 150 years ago, a Belgian immigrant woman saw a vision and built a shrine. Believers have reported healings and answered prayers. A Catholic decree declares the site 'worthy of belief.'

Now, the Roman Catholic Church has issued a decree: The apparition in 1859 was authentic.

Or as the Most Rev. David Laurin Ricken, bishop of the Diocese of Green Bay, said last week, the Shrine of Our Lady of Good Help is "worthy of belief."


With the bishop's approval, the landmark known mostly by locals has been elevated to the level of Marian apparitions in Mexico City, Fatima in Portugal, and Lourdes in France. It is the first of its kind in the United States.


"This is an affirmation of the spiritual fruits the people of God have received for 151 years," Father John Doefler, the shrine's rector and the vicar general and chancellor of the diocese, said of the bishop's decree. "It opens the door for future spiritual growth."


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It is worth noticing the Article linked at the bottom of the page was to this.


Give it a few years and the statues will start to move. I want right to the pancake stall.

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Yes God bless the Shrine because pilgrims are money.

Not surprised the guy on the ground had a little "accident" - he has no head !! Could also give them a certain food product made from flour for breakfast. The best "cure all" ever. If only I had a picture of it :)

Glad to hear his head was found. He would have had nowhere to put those lovely pancakes !!

At least they have some sort of procedure for making a place 'worthy of belief' , and don't just include every location someone claims saw a miracle occur.


Gotta give them at LEAST that much, right?



Don't know if you have ever seen "Father Ted" a comedy show by Channel 4 in England that was turned down  by Irish TV for a time. The episode about the "Holy Stone of Clonrickert" (google) and how the church decides what to upgrade is very funny.


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