Mental health experts say a new tougher New York state gun control law might interfere with treatment of potentially dangerous people and even discourage them from seeking help.

The law would require therapists, doctors, nurses and social workers to tell government authorities if they believe a patient is likely to harm himself or others. That could lead to revoking the patient's gun permit and seizing any guns. (source)

New laws tend to have unintended consequences worse than the conditions or situations they are intended to remedy. The hysteria over the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre has such strange bedfellows as the NRA and some of the most liberal Democrats calling for psychological or psychiatric evaluations of potential gun owners. 

Question: Does the state have enough of an interest to require a breach of the privacy normally holding between a patient and his clinician making the state an invisible presence in the conference room?

Question: Might more mayhem be prevented by letting clinicians do their job rather than imposing requirements on them.?

Question: Might imposing a reporting requirement on clinicians expose them to homicidal danger once the client realizes that his counselor has breached the shell of confidentiality holding between them?

Question: Given the ambiguities holding between what clients talk about and what they might actually do might a reporting requirement expose clinicians to needless criminal and civil sanctions if their best guess turns out to be wrong and a client they thought safe did something horrendous? The point is, it's a lot easier to judge how dangerous a patient was in retrospect and hold a clinician responsible.

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Unseen - I'm sorry about your father.

Thanks. He lived to 92 and died at home surrounded by his family after a long and steady decline followed by a series of medical setbacks and cataclysms. It was time to go. A very loving and generous man who never made an enemy, he will be missed by all who knew him.

RIP to your father

"Tough New York Gun Law May Hold Unintended Consequences" I hope that the politicians that wrote these laws get what's coming to them as a unintended consequence for them, impeached for violating constitutional law. 

Video's are starting to pop up on YouTube, apparently there are a few gun owners in NY State at are a bit upset at the new law and those who voted it in.

Question: Does mandatory reporting by doctors and hospitals of gunshot wounds have any beneficial advantages? "Might imposing a reporting requirement on" doctors and hospitals "expose them to homicidal danger once the client realizes that his" doctor or hospital "has breached the shell of confidentiality holding between them?"

Question: Does mandatory reporting by teachers, hospitals, doctors and counselors of suspected child abuse or child sexual abuse have any beneficial advantages? Shouldn't we let these people "do their job rather than imposing requirements on them" while the abuse continues?

After all, a pound of cure is worth an ounce of prevention --


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