Topic to discuss stolen Think Atheist twitter account

You may have received announcement from me that has been stolen since Jan 2, 2015.

I am receiving questions and feedback from members via pm. If anybody has any feedback/question please ask here.

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Perhaps people should get rewards for certain amounts of donations. Such as a Think Atheist merch gift. Or some sort of incentive 

OK folks, I have deleted a thread that was getting too heated. It was not relevant to the topic and not necessary to raise in public.

Site Moderator.

+1 moderating

"OK folks, I have deleted a thread that was getting too heated. It was not relevant to the topic and not necessary to raise in public."

And I was part of that, but I agree - it was going nowhere.

For those who want to try and convince Twitter to give back Think Atheist's twitter page. For its worth you could try doing this. Go to the Think Atheist twitter page (even if you are blocked doesn't matter). Simply report the user as a compromised account. If loads of us do it, it might help. 

If some of you are will you could always try sending a tweet to Twitter themselves. If all of that fails, it seems to me that Umar is going to have to create a new Twitter page for the website. 

There's just no way to report it. I go through all of the options and in each case it asks for original emails or passwords etc. I simply don't know how to report the compromised account. Any idea?

Ok I think you might be doing it the wrong way. I'm going to show you how to report an account with screen shots, in 5 easy steps

1. Go to . Click the cog on the right hand side bellow its banner

2. A drop down menu will appear, so select "Block or Report"

3. A dialogue box will appear. You don't have to have the "block" selected; unselect it if you wish. But make sure you have "File a Report" selected

4. When you click file a report, the dialogue box will extend. Select the third option down "This account may be compromised"

5. Finally, click "Report". You should not have to fill in any emails. 


I propose that TA should pick days (e.g. Sundays) to publically go through this process, so there can be no doubt that TA's owner and users are making a valid request to reclaim what was once theirs.

Thank you and yes I agree. We need as many members as possible reporting the twitter account. 

Don't misunderstand, I'm not criticizing donations, but I think we would be more likely to donate if we were better informed.

But there are others who are criticizing specially he who is now running twitter account.

@Umar, have you taken these steps?

As far as a long term solution for donations, I think a good approach would be to send a message to inform members of the specific needs of the community.

I don't remember how much it costs to stay afloat, but if you let us know, and communicate it in a concise, accessible way, then we can all contribute. Some may be able to contribute more than others, but we can all come together and help you. It's outreach in a sense, and for those of us who care about this community, I know you'll find support. It's a matter of communication (I think.)


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