I'm talking about all religions and every religion in general. What are your reasons? 

Religion and religious persons impose their faith into public policy and politics. Where it clearly doesn't belong.

Religion is still very much mediatory in the schools of nations such as Republic of Ireland, where it has no place. Churches were built for a reason. This makes many members of other faiths and no faiths feel uncomfortable and excluded during a time when young persons find it difficult to fit in as it is. It isn't a matter of talking about religion, but actively telling young persons to practice it mandatory. 

Many nations make it difficult for the non-religous to have any sort of successful career in politics (and being honest about their lack of faith at the same time)

Many religious groups impose their views of abortion on others and seek to make abortion illegal. Because of religion in other nations it now is or has been for sometime, outlawed medial practice. Abortion is not murder, murder is the illegal killing of a human being, not a pre-human being. 

Religion demonises many educational fields in contrast with its doctrine, such as certain aspects of history and many accepted theories 

There have been cases in the United States and some other country where person's have lost their jobs due to lack of faith or alternative faiths and sometimes on the bases of sexual orientation (which is thought to be justified because of certain beliefs)

Religion tries to justify many forms of discrimination including but not limited to, homophobia, sexism, racism and class

Certain nations such as Iran and Uganda take their discrimination justified by religious beliefs a step further by improving atheists and murdering homosexuals

Religion has caused many to rebel against its corruption. While this mostly occurs in changing religions or declaring oneself atheist; that is not always the next direction for some. For some they take that faith and change it for their own purposes, often resulting in more extreme and harmful faith systems mostly regarded as cults. These cults involve all sorts of dangerous acts, such as mass suicide and sometimes violent attacks of non-beleivers of their faith. 

Religion has literally caused people to go to war due to the influence of the faith and disagreement with certain policies based on religious beliefs (especially when a doctrine influences such actions)

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It doesn't seek knowledge.
It stops or blocks the pursue of knowledge.
It is comfortable with the world ending.
Totalitarian ruling (The Vatican).
Close minded and unchangeable.
It is NOT true.
Not reasonable nor logical.
Stops and blocks social progress.
Puts attention on gay's rights and abortion (where that shouldn't be even an issue), and doesn't focus on more important problems like corruption (Wall Street) or nuclear proliferation (because if the worlds ends, it is God's will).
Indoctrinates children, including the horrible idea of hell.
Anything secular has to do with the devil.
Not appreciation of evidence.
Doublethink (1984).
Another reason to separate and label people.
In extreme cases it is dangerous, in low cases it is not usefull at all.

This is how I view religion 

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As Sam Harris puts it, religion allows people to believe their actions are moral, when in fact they are gravely immoral.  To me, this is #1.

I read the following comment posted on the Intelligence Squared debate "Science Refutes God". I haven't stopped thinking about it and shaking my head. I think the anti-science dogma of religion is very negative force on the world.

Sorry the comment is so long, but I think you will see why it makes me crazy.


Saturday, 23 March 2013 20:07
posted by Kai Jones

I agree with the believers of God or theologians. When something is concrete and truth it stays the same forever. God and the story of us remains the same and does not change based on trends and opinions of the times and zeitgeist.

Not only can science provide no proof of anything, it cannot seem to make it's mind up.

One minute it is this idea, belief, and theory, and then next, it is another idea belief and theory, and all presented as if it is fact, but it isn't because fact is concrete and remains the same for all to see and know.

Science is blind people in darkness and are like the ignorant and blind witch hunters that had no proof of people being witches, but insisted that they were and contradictingly did things to people in the name of God that God says not to do.

They do not see that the old testament along with the whole bible from begining to end is the story of how sin came to be, God making aware to mankind the existence of his sin by laws that were given to show humans their inability to love and follow basic principles and instructions, and the happiness that they should now have having their sin erased through the sacrifice of a sinless body taking the place of sinful ones that were bound for destruction because God is love, and perfect love and harmony, and evil is contrary to who he is and what he created life to be, and will be destroyed as rotten fruit is discarded and good fruit is kept and eaten.

The creator God created man and all life perfect and to live forever. Evil is what a life form became and so disconnection from the perfect condition of health with no disease for eternity, man died physically and became susceptible to disease and illness that was inherited with his sin.

The creator of the inherited perfection of love good and eternal life and perfect health which is who and what God is, creates life that way and can give it to a person that has lost it because it is who he is, how he creates when he creates things in his image, and is a giver of life and is good and never a deliverer of death or evil, hence the creator performing what science calls a miracle which is God doing what he does, giving life and perfect health.

It is not feasible to a person who has accepted their notion of what life is, to believe that, and neither is it feasible for a person who 'believes', that what we see, is all that there is, and their conclusions, are the only ones that make sense to them as if they are detectives of logic, yet however, are ignoring the revelation of God and creation and sadly and foolishly, believe that if anything is done, it can only come from nature, and from the mind, discovery, and hands of a man alone, without any pre and former revelations from God, or any instructions from him.

Mankind see's himself as great but it is based on selective views and not on the views that prove that he is not great and in fact, is a orchestrator of chaos, and all his ideas are based on his own reasoning, and not truth and fact.

That is why we have a world of 'divided' opinions and ideas. If there was one truth to mankinds greatness would not man have the same mind all over the world to create harmony love, peace, and oneness of mind cooperation?

Science is ideas and assumption that are thoughts and views that change like fashion and trends.

In fact science is based on trend and not concrete fact that last forever and can never be disputed.

Ideas, hypothoses, and theories are eventually considered outdated, and deemed primitive, and obsolete, by predecessors all the time, and that is what science is, and all that it is.

A belief and views that caters to human 'vanity' based on his admiration of himself because of abilities that come from God that lead him to believe that he can live without God and sustain and rule and lead himself without any guidance, and input from God.

The technology, and creations of his hands during a 'particular' point in time becomes the popular and accepted idea of that day, and time, and what he uses to further his impressed with, and vain view of himself, but it is soon seen as outdated and obsolete later by people who think in their vanity that they are more advanced that the previous generation and generations.

Never coming to one point of knowledge, but claiming instead to have better ideas than the last bundle of ideas.

Scientist do not agree and Science cannot make it's mind up! One minute researchers say and studies show and say that something is good for us, and the next minute they say that it is bad, and recant former claims, that they insisted on, and present as facts using the term 'studies show'.

Ideas, beliefs and assumptions based on 'no' knowldege is what science in itself is.

If we has facts and concrete knowledge of all things then science would not exist and need to exist. Science exists because mankind is 'searching' for answers (because he is blind and does not know, because he has rejected God's truth) and so the 'existence' of science itself can and is defined my the definition and phrase 'not knowing' and so are searching'.

So by that very definition science cannot claim, or refute, 'anything' because it is full of theories and 'momentary reasonings' that are later replaced by other theories, and reasonings due and based on a blind and or, 'science' mind and view, and it exists because man has formulated his own 'belief and defintion' of what is, and why it is there, and it exists, and is on a search because he doesn't know, but he doesn't 'know' because he has rejected what God has already shown and told him, and us'.

It reminds me of the expression: "no matter how much things change they remain the same."

'Progress' and 'evolution' is a delusion brought on by the disbelief of God.

Mankind is sadly blinded by (the devil Revelation 12:9) his own sin and technology and sees 'advancement'.... yet human nature, and war, and greed and corruption and barbaric acts and crimes are committed toward one another daily, since the begining of what God has shown us from the begining, ... that explains sin, and why it exists.

Cain and Able, the Roman and Egyptian Empires, and all other Empires that people foolishly think that we don't 'resemble' because of what they believe is a time 'difference', not realizing that on a scale of eternity the begging and the Roman empire was just yesterday!

A mankind, and all generations, plunging head first into destruction, because they foolishly believe that yesterday is not linked to today on the scale of time and eternity.

As things get worse, 'technology' and the vanity of each new generation that believes that it was better and is more 'advanced' than the previous, ignores the reality and signs that it in fact 'isnt' and is blinded by the admiration of the work of their hands, and the vanity that comes with it, while they make the same mistakes of the past, and worse, but due to vanity and technology they don't see it.

Science wants to have it both ways. They want to tell you that their ideas, hypotheses, and theories are fact, but when they are proven wrong, they immediately use the escape Clause= 'it is "science" and so it was always just a 'theory' to begin with, because that is what science is, a searching for knowledge'.

And yet by doing so, are admitting that they never really had any facts, while they were claiming their theories to be fact, and even teaching them as such!

Science does not claim to have the ultimate truth.  When new evidence is found, existing theories are modified or even discarded to accommodate the evidence.  Far from being a flaw, it is a virtue.

There is no such thing as a complete theory.  By their very nature, theories contain the seeds of their own destruction.  In fact if a theory cannot be falsified, it is no theory, but just idle speculation.  

For you to somehow think this is a refutation of science and that "eternal truth" is a justification for religion just shows that you do not really understand science.

In keeping with Val's comment, here's an article a bit too long to reprint here: http://wonkette.com/509246/sundays-with-the-christianists-home-scho...

Also, in keeping with Kai Jones' regurgitated platitudes, I suggest all interested visit a Christian blogsite, whose authoress claims to respond to every comment. In it, she thanks what she terms, "the New Atheists" for posing such intriguing questions, that Christians have been forced to think, in order to respond. I commented that if these "New Christians" had begun to actually think, rather than blindly follow, like sheep, then the end of Christianity can't be far away.

Thank God for the New Atheists

"Insanity is believing your hallucinations are real. Religion is believing that other peoples' hallucinations are real."
-- Dan Barker --

"One of the saddest lessons of history is this: If we've been bamboozled long enough, we tend to reject any evidence of the bamboozle. We're no longer interested in finding out the truth. The bamboozle has captured us. it is simply too painful to acknowledge - even to ourselves - that we've been so credulous. “
-- Carl Sagan --

"Theology is never any help; it is searching in a dark cellar at midnight for a black cat that isn't there. Theologians can persuade themselves of anything."
-- Robert A. Heinlein --

I would say to Robert A. Heinlein, then, that he doesn't understand what theology and theologians are.  Theology has a significant importance of understanding culture in both ancient, modern and post modern societies.  In a sense it is a part of anthropology and encompasses all that is a part of the human experience - art, literature, science and the advancement and development thereof.  Oh, and you don't have to be a theist to be a theologian: case in point, Bart D. Ehrman. 

RE: "Theology has a significant importance of understanding culture in both ancient, modern and post modern societies."

Perhaps Barry, you have less faith in our Fellow Man than I do - had religion never existed, I have every reason to believe our culture would have easily been as rich, but different. The Masters might have painted galaxies and Super Novae, instead of angels climbing ladders to heaven.


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