Todays small victory... or An Atheist at picture day.

Today was picture day for you mother-in-law's churches directory. The photographer actually had a special where there would be no sitting fee for any additional pictures. So it was decided a while ago that we would tag along, but I obviously would not be pictured or listed in the directory. I would however be in the extra family picture, and my wife and I would have our own picture of just the two of us. Free sitting, professional quality picture, and all we needed to do was buy the print we liked best. Win-win right?

All was going smooth until my mother-in-law started talking about how we were going to be in the directory, like it or not. When we were already all dressed up and literally around the corner from the church parish center... I was obviously not please, but decided to stay quiet until I had a chance to talk with my wife (who didn't want to be in it either, but also didn't want to have to hear about how she wasn't in the directory for the rest of her life...) We got there and took my coat off to reveal my scarlet A pin that I was wearing on my lapel. :D  My sister-in-law and brother-in-law saw it and asked what it was. I told them, got smiles and nods of approval and even a high five. lol Turns out they didn't want to be in the directory either, but were going along with it for the same reason as my wife. Then my mother-in-law returned from signing in and asked about the pin. Rather than duck it, I just told her the A is for Atheist. She sort of made a face, but brushed it off pretty well.

I finally got to talk with my wife and told her that it being in the group shot means being in the directory, then I'm going to have to defer from that shot. So she said she'd talk to her mom. She came back and said "I hope you're happy. She says you're not in any pictures now." I was obviously irked since I was already present under false pretenses, and now I seemingly couldn't have a picture with my wife at least. So I went and talked to her. She lead off by saying that it was okay and that my beliefs should be respected too. I of course thanked her for that, but then went on to say that I don't see why I can't just sit out for the one picture and still do the others as planed. Suddenly we were back in business. I would sit out the directory shot, my omission was noted on the paperwork and I was in the other group shot and the one of just my wife and I. Luckily the issue wasn't pressed further, because I would have then told her that I am formerly defected from the Catholic church, so I can't be a member nor in the directory. That is one thing that I am fairly sure would not go over well.

So everything went better than it looked like it was going to. Perhaps my standing up for myself made her take my stance a bit more seriously (I'm usually pretty quiet) and I found that I have more support from my in-laws than I thought when it come to theology.  :)



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I want a scarlet A too.

I want a scarlet A too.


Richard Dawkins' site has them for $5.25.


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