I study in a christian University and it is very common to get picked on by a lecturer to pray for the class before any given lecture commences. I havent been as unfortunate as to be chosen to lead "brethren" into a word of prayer but am sure a day will finally come when am picked out. So fellow thinkers, any ideas on how to go about it if the day comes? What reason can you give a lecturer whose age tripples yours, why you can not pray, and not sound like you are disrespecting him? suggestions highly welcome

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Is it required to pass the class? Tell him I'll pass based on my freedom of religion also means freedom from religion. Let him get pissed.

Actually Kris, you belittle yourself - you've hit the nail squarely on the head! Matthew 6 is the perfect out for Wilbur, if he has the juevos to memorize that verse (or at least write it on a crib sheet (and any college student is lying who says they don't know what that is), and recite it in response to his instructor's request to lead the prayer! It's perfect! You're a genius! I am in awe, Sir!

"I'm sorry Sir, I cannot do that, for Matthew 6 says,  "But when you pray, go into your room, close the door and pray to your Father, who is unseen. Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you.'" It would violate my principles to do otherwise --"

And you're home free!!!!

pax vobiscum,

It is not required to pass the class perse, but i suspect if the Lecturer gets offended in the process of me trying to tell him about my worldview, he can sure as 'hell' give me a big zero..

I, like you, also attend a Christian University. When that situation, I generally decline politely by saying something along the lines of "I would rather not pray because I do not believe what you do, and I feel that it would be disrespectful to both of our worldviews if I were to lead the class in prayer." If he questions you further, politely but firmly answer his questions. If you can give him intelligent answers, he will probably leave you alone after that.

Thanks mate, i get the feeling he wont be offended by this explanation...thanks a bunch..

Rich, you're incorrigible - gotta love that in a person!

pax vobiscum,

hehehe...trying to look for the like button to like this suggestion...cant find one...

    Sorry, I can't help you, because were I in your place, I would have no problem disrespecting "him," whoever "him" is; because anything else would amount to disrespecting myself, and that I WILL NOT do.

   If you find this helpful, be my guest:

When Jehovah's Witnesses or Mormons come to my door and get into the subject of prayer, I sometimes fall to my knees and pray for God to kill me, there and then.  Inasmuch as He/She/It has so far failed to do so, I guess it proves He/She/It loves this evil atheist (me); or He/She/It can't do it; or He/She/It doesn't exist. Take your pick.  Other times, I might pray for God to grow arms back on all the people in the world who have lost them.  Needless to say, I'm still waiting for evidence that He/She/It has done so.

Start your prayer off with "Dearest Satan..."

Well played sir, well played indeed. That comment literally made me have to stifle an actual LOL it caught me by surprise.

I will be out through the window before i even say Satan...lol...

I'm just curious cause for the life of me I cannot figure out why you would attend a christian university?   

What I would do in you situation, I would write my own "prayer" one in which you mention why you don't believe in god and how pointless all prayer is.   Now I would have no problem being ostracized by a bunch of christians, but I'm guessing you would prefer not to experience this.  another alternative would(which I do not recomend) be to push down your own beliefs/disbeliefs and say a christian prayer.  Its a balance between who you are and who you want people to see you are.  But I must warn, many atheists cause themselves serious psychological damage by repressing who they are in order to fit in to a christian society.  Whatever you decide good luck 


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