I apologize if this is a topic that's been discussed before, but after going through 10 pages of comments, I didn't find anything. I'm not sure if this belongs in Ethics and Morals, or Open Forum...


I'm writing a paper for class on a topic of my choosing. I've chosen to discuss having kids vs. not having in kids in the world today.


I personally do not plan on having kids as I don't feel this is a safe world for an atheist child to be brought up in. I don't want my child to have to go through alienation, possible abuse at the hands of his/her peers/teacher, or feel so alone like many of us do. I firmly believe the glass is half empty in this scenario, and don't feel my "contribution" of a child to the atheist world would do any good whatsoever. I feel it would be selfish of myself to bring a child into this world just because I "want one". I also feel like it's expected of me to have children, and I don't agree with that. Like many people think that believing in god is a default, many people believe wanting to have children is a default. Yes, I recognize the biological need to pass my genes on, but I don't think it should be expected. People have told me, "You're just not ready yet. You'll want them someday." I hate the smugness with which that say that. I'm tempted to not have children just to make a point. As a side note, I always have "the sun is going to die in roughly 5 billion years, so what's the point anyways?" in the back of my head. It's a very loud internal voice, lol.


I have absolutely nothing against others having children, or those who already have children. It's a personal choice, and more power to you if you want/have kids! 


Here's where you guys come in: pretend like I'm undecided. I could go either way depending on the arguments for/against having children. What are your reasons for your decision?


P.S. I've got most of my paper written, so don't think I'm having you guys write it for me! :)

I just want to make sure I've considered both sides thoroughly.



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