I was sitting on the bus going home today. There was a woman handing out little Christian booklets to those who sat near her on the bus. When she tried give one to me, I refused.

My question is: Is it rude, as an atheist, to reject religious solicitations or should I have accepted it and destroyed it later?

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Yeah, what Nelson said. (I really ought to macro that)

I can't see how refusing it could be rude.
Would you have felt it rude to refuse a scientology pamphlet? If no, then why should refusing a christian one be any different? Both are equally useless and a waste of trees.
It was the attitude she had. And ten after that, she kept on talking about how great god & Jesus were, presumably to piss me off!!!
This is why I listen to music on the bus, so these people won't talk to me ;) of course some of them won't take the hint...
When people try to give me pamphlets, I either refuse or if they insist, I tell them that I'll take it and most likely read it which will definitely cause me to make fun of it on the internet. Most of the time, they keep their pamphlets. However, I live in an area that is really atheist friendly, so I have the freedom to be frank. If you live somewhere less safe, I would just politely refuse. There's nothing wrong about saying no.
Hello - i'm being a bit sneak replying to this one ... seems the 'busiest' and just wishing someone would chat to me on the chatsite here ... cos it seems like the atheist equivalent to praying whenever i'm on ... maybe cos of time zone ... i'm in atheistland uk (south london) btw ... it gets a bit boring talking to myself there ... i've been unemployed 10 months so was hoping for some friendship.

Anyway ... leaflets ... what about banning em to save the planet?? I mean no one actually wants em ... surely a one page introductory letter A4 size issued by hand will do? I'm fed up of receiving multiple 'charity' envelopes full of pens and stuff addressed to previous occupant of my home (3 years ago) prolly cos she forgot to tick the 'no more thanks' box ... all that waste of genuine charity money ...

Back to leaflets ... has a leaflet EVER changed anyone's mind? Maybe good for advertising gigs ... MAYBE. Is this off on or topic or am i just doing a lonely rant???? God knows!

PS just politely refuse ... then rant about the uselessness of leaflets ... IF you've got the time and inclination ...
I'm here 4 u, boo! Let's chat : ) and thanks for the rant. I always see it as a waste of money and paper, just like those jehova's witnesss magazines


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