Our theist friends haven't enough to do, what with saving souls, attempting to set up a theocracy and putting their things in storage ahead of the rapture, they've found time to become critics of beer commercials:*O:-) angel

"Fox News host: 'Not using God to sell beer means the terrorists have won’"

Interestingly, the makers of Sam Adams Beer seem to have pulled all YouTube copies of their July 4th commercial.

Comments, anyone?

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Really?  Really?  Must be a slow news day...and to the man from South Carolina who commented on their news cast:  Good!  I wouldn't want to be associated with you drinking my domestic beer of choice!

German drinking song:

Im Himmel es gibt kein Bier.
Also wir trinken es hier.

My German may be a bit rusty, but that translates more or less like this, I think...

In heaven there is no beer.
That's why we drink it here.

Reason enough not to want to go to heaven.

^ That depends on which heaven you're referring too...

There is in Pastafarian heaven. Hell, too, but the beer is stale.

So you're saying that, at least in that regard, Pastafarian hell resembles England --

Nah, England is Pastafarian purgatory.  The beer is good, and not that expensive compared to other European countries.  However, our neighbours north and south are there to restore the balance.

You are not saying that the Scots make poor beer, are you? I beg to differ. The French I'll give you. But to the East (The Netherlands, Belgium) and West (Ireland) is beer that's not too shabby. 

I'm proud to say that with the growth of the microbrewing industry, there are beers in the U.S. that bear comparison with the best beers brewed in England, Germany, and Czechoslovakia. 

I lived in Portland, Oregon, for over 30 years. It is by all accounts the microbrewery capital of the U.S. And Portland is such a beer-conscious town that its local big brewery beer, Henry Weinhard's, is just as good as many a microbrewery beer at $2-$3 less per six-pack.

Absolutely not - I'm sure their beer is fine.  It's the National pastime of the English to make disparaging remarks about the French and the Scottish.  I was simply indulging myself there.

Well, there'd better be beer in heaven - otherwise, what the hell did I sign up for??? xD

Good question --

Well this just goes to prove my point. If women can't walk around buck nekkid, then the terrorists have won.

That's about all I have to say, since H3xx summed it up nicely for me. So,... what he said.


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