Our theist friends haven't enough to do, what with saving souls, attempting to set up a theocracy and putting their things in storage ahead of the rapture, they've found time to become critics of beer commercials:*O:-) angel

"Fox News host: 'Not using God to sell beer means the terrorists have won’"

Interestingly, the makers of Sam Adams Beer seem to have pulled all YouTube copies of their July 4th commercial.

Comments, anyone?

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Further, the bartender mispronounced, "inalienable," as, "unalienable" - where were the grammar police when you need them?

The Brewers landed in a "damned if you do, damned if you don't" situation - if they had mentioned old what's-his-name, they'd have been accused of using religion to sell beer, the use of which, many fundamentalist sects forbid. Possibly they should file the experience under, "Sounded like a good idea at the time --"

Unalienable is because beer. So there.

Hey Arch the video doesn't work...may need to edit or something?

But...in terms the quote: 

'Not using God to sell beer means the terrorists have won’"

I don't understand the connection at all. How does terrorism enter into beer commercials????

Personally I think that the fundamentalist theist point of view is becoming so much more aggressive and uneducated by the minute. They have no leg to stand on anymore so they're trying to substitute fear driven tactics to stir up emotion. They're always talking about the end of the world being near. It's got everybody crazy stupid. 

RE: "Hey Arch the video doesn't work..." - I don't know what to tell you, I'm watching it as we speak! Try another browser.

RE: "How does terrorism enter into beer commercials????" - it's Fox News, it doesn't have to make sense.

If I were the brewing company, my next commercial would involve an old, bearded, white guy in a white robe, seated on a cloud, with a smile radiating from his face and a frosty Sam Adams in his hand, with the caption: "God drinks Sam Adams, what's YOUR beer?"

Then Fox would really have something to squawk about!

You mean like this?

Are you saying that was banned? I thought it was damned clever - brings a whole new insight to communion, all they needed was a little dip.

Shame Fox News didn't find that newsworthy --

It wasn't banned per se. Just not selected from a number of contestants to be the commercial shown. What can I say? The internet loves hyperbole.

LOL!! Squak???? Is that the best you can do? No they would not "Squak" El Pajarito....they would FLIP the fuck OUT!!!!!

I think you should call up Sam Adams and present your proposal. Do it!!!!

Still can't access the video?

Should you do so, check out the "red tape" comment by the brainless bimbo in the middle, who is clearly there, only for cheap set decoration.

Luckily, Fox didn't have a problem with this incredible feat of mathematics!

It's Fox news for Thor's sake, they get upset when a Jew says "happy holidays!"

Alert! Alert! All talking heads to battle stations. Evacuate non demagogue personnel. Alert! Alert!


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