....a regular reader at Think Atheist. To the chase. I am , generally, active on atheist internet sites. My hobby horse is public education as a vehicle for freeing thought, for skepticism, for reliance on empiricism and for all those skills which can create an atheist acceptance of life experiences.

I did a search of the site with the word 'education' and found no groups dedicated to that issue.  Is ThinkAtheist about thinking? Is it about learning?  

I would appreciate some references to discussions about education.

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I am grateful to Belle Rose for creating the group you suggest.

I guess I will reply to the OP to stay on track. For those who posted, I hope this response deals with your thoughts.

I am not looking for a'method' or technique or anything of that sort. What concerns me is that a child can pass through a school system and not have the skill entailed in critical thinking, skeptical thinking on questions of fact, especially as it relates to science and the nature of knowledge.

Evolution is accepted by major xtian religious practices and it is probably accepted by serious islamic and other religions as well.  Evolution is a mathematical fact that has no bearing on the existence or non-existence of god(s). However, the kind of thinking that led to understanding of evolution, and modern cosmology, is the kind of thinking that results in atheism.

Obviously, education of evolution does take place just as education for understanding the universe does take place. Readers of this, along with myself, have received that education.

I am 74 years old and I was never taught about evolution or cosmology. I was never taught about skeptical thinking or critical analysis until graduate school. However, I did develop those skills on my own at a very young age because I was able to read and understand every book I read from age 5 onward and I read every book I could. I suspect that most atheists have learned the skills in some similar, unsupported, individual manner because of an ability to separate out the real from the not real.

That is not good enough. We need to help every child acquire the analytical skills associated with empiricism in an organized way. We do not have to teach children to be atheists. But teaching them to use science in their daily lives will destroy religion.

Thinking is part of the process of learning. And vice versa to some extent. Its kind of a chicken and egg concept.

Real chickens and real eggs. That is all we need !

I kinda look at all posts as somewhat educational. When I log off I always walk away knowing something new. But it would be a cool group for sure

We are here so other will follow , i believe we are already strong but parables are never enough , we need actions that match our thinking , I see there is more and more member but we cannot be isolated here  ..

The education system is frozen in the last century too with the help of the christian Zealots mainly..


Believers are very active with education issues. They push their point of view to the detriment of education.

Many atheist groups and organizations have become more active in putting forward religion free education since the "New Atheism" began. I hope everyone will speak-up in their community and will support efforts made by organized groups of non-believers.


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