....a regular reader at Think Atheist. To the chase. I am , generally, active on atheist internet sites. My hobby horse is public education as a vehicle for freeing thought, for skepticism, for reliance on empiricism and for all those skills which can create an atheist acceptance of life experiences.

I did a search of the site with the word 'education' and found no groups dedicated to that issue.  Is ThinkAtheist about thinking? Is it about learning?  

I would appreciate some references to discussions about education.

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I agree with you about logic as long as it is based on factual premises. Most often, logic fails because the premises are assumed or otherwise unproven.

I will be proselytizing. For improved education.

I once suggested that a pathway toward greater acceptance of a scientific worldview would be to create an education system that teaches children to think for themselves. 

Well...you would have thought I'd just championed theocracy for the reaction that idea got. 

I was flabbergasted. Why would the idea of a good education leading to critical thinking be dismissed and mocked? Perhaps it was elitism? Cynicism? It was ugly, whatever it was. 

I have not felt up to the task of getting into a discussion about education around any atheists since this event. I hope it is not the general opinion among free-thinkers that education is to be scorned. Somehow, I can't imagine that being the attitude of many of the people on TA, but after my last experience on the topic, I won't make any assumptions.

That reaction was very predictable. 

Why so?

Why, Unseen?

Being attacked on forums is one of the joys of internet discussions. I view attacks as a form of entertainment and objections raised as part of the normal negotiation of issues.

But, I do not want children to think for themselves unless they are thinking critically and following the precepts of science.I watched Tim Minchin on YouTube the other day when he told a commencement that opinions were like assholes because everyone had one but then he added that it was necessary to examine them carefully at very frequent intervals. That is scientific thinking for yourself.

interesting , education is always linked to believe when it should separated for the best results.. 

In many countries education is specifically separated from belief. Germany may be about to change its support of church after the huge scandal about bishops(?) and state funds.

One of the goals of educating scientifically is to create an understanding and tolerance for 'inconclusive' conclusions as better observations will likely make for future changes.

I'm hoping that my atheist morality theory will be taught in schools - (when it's finished). 

Perhaps it will. But I will never teach morality to anyone. I will gladly teach laws that govern behavior. But I will expect those laws to constantly subject to change. I would not want to end up with a law that gave everyone a right to own a gun along side a law that said no one was entitled to healthcare. On practical grounds: not moral grounds./

What is ThinkAtheist about?  Apparently, whatever you want, as long as one could consider it atheistic, somewhat logical, and not directly offensive.  Skepticism (in general terms), empiricism, etc., are not required: at least one proponent of ETUFO 'experiences' has been welcomed.

Searching on 'education' yielded 193 pages of up to 10 original posts each.  Searching on that term in groups got 56 results.  You might be find this to be an appropriate forum for your interest.


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