I went through this forum looking for a post on reincarnation. Since I didn't find one I thought I'd pose this question to my fellow atheists:

What are your thoughts on the Eastern belief in reincarnation? Do any of you believe it could be real? If so, why? If not, why?

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Pure bullshit.


We know what happens when we die. Brain function stops and our body decays back to the atoms it came from.


To believe in reincarnation you have to believe in an all encompassing perpetual soul. There is no even remote evidence of such a thing. We are the sum of our experiences and genetic wiring. Period.

I agree with that. I hold a lot of belief in science and what it has given us, so I agree.

The people who've gone through "past life regression" or the cultures who believe in it, is that a form of mass hysteria?

I'm just trying to collect opinions here. :P

Its a form of self delusion/hypnosis.


Hypnosis is a external permission given to a person who is easily self deluded to embrace fantasy.. its why you never see a person who has past life regression who was a ditch digger. They are all nobility, known historical figures, or some other such fairy tale existence thats pleasing to the subject. And they are always located in a place that is known to them. The fantasy is built from the persons knowledge and experiences coupled with their desires.



To expand Stephen - just like alien "abductions" - the people who feel that they have been abducted by aliens but have no physical evidence - similar notion I think.

And yes - reincarnation is 110% bullshit. :)

That's what I find so confusing about the pseudosciences. They have no proof but still strive to collect "evidence". I know it's all bull, but it's like a car wreck. I can't look away. XD

Baffling though, how many people are for sure certain that it's real.

Is it just me, or are most of them religious?

In regards to alien abductions?? I don't know how many of them are religious and how many of them are not - I don't have their psychological profiles.

But to those who believe they have been "abducted" - to them it is very real. Even under hypnosis - they "relive their abductions"

But that's why pseudoscience is powerful if one is not careful to understand real science. It masks itself in scientific terms. Another example: homeopathy.

I didn't specifically mean abductions, I meant believers in pseudoscience as a whole.


And not just the "abducted", the ones who claim to experience the supernatural or what have you firmly believe it's real.


If pseudoscience is a load of crap, what's making them put as much faith into it as they do their religion?

The common thread isnt religion persay.

More common is that religious and alien abduction, conspiracy theorists, past life regression addicts, cult followers... all share a common malleability to their psyche that allows them the comfort of self delusion.

I would imagine that alot have multiple self delusions. But its not a cause and effect from one to the other more they are feeding the same need for the person.

Utter Nonsense-

That being said -in my next life I want to come back a a brass pole in a high class stripper bar.  


I met a singer that was a Ricci (sp?) master and he also read past lives. After he explains his Woo, he tells me since I do art with twisted faces I could've really been Picasso in a past life. Somehow I manage to keep a straight face throughout his nuttery. I then explain to him many holes in his belief. First and foremost- Picasso was still alive for part of my life so unless we can both use the same "life force/soul" we have a problem. He then sees a more geometrical piece of my art and says- well you could have been a famous architect....Face palm.

Not being able to contain himself from trying to convince me of his claim, he proceeds to tell me how he had just met Mozart reincarnated. Because, get this, the guy he did a past life "reading" on wrote music AND played piano- from an early age even. Mozart wrote music, played piano from an early age. He tells me "All those similarities are WAY to close to be a coincedence." Hence he met Mozart and reincarnation is true.

Why is it that everybody was somebody famous in a past life? How many Cleopatras can be running around? Thousands apparently. Why in a past life did you not die unknown, as is the most of humanity? Always famous- not just an avarage citizen of the world- or some unloved, shunned, leper, begger, or someone just struggling to survive. No, if you can't be somebody in this life you can be or were somebody in the next or previous.  

Where do all the new "souls" keep coming from? The population grows- even if you reincarnate a million or a billion "souls" over and over- where do the new ones come from? There are over 6 billion people alive at the moment.

I heard we've all been someone famous, I've heard that "true" past life regressions don't show famous people, but more non-descript backgrounds. O_o

LOL "true" past life regressions????????

We can't have all have "been" somebody famous- All is over 6 Billion people- there are not enough famous people to go around. Even less than ordinary "souls"


Non-descript is another word for vague, unclear, muddled. 

I always wanted to be something when I grew up...I should've been more specific. 



Oh in a past life you were that one guy. You know, two eyes, nose, mouth...wore a shirt sometimes...had that girlfriend with the large two...um...eyes. You were from that one city, the one with the street...No the big street, yes Main Street....there was a McDonalds and a Starbucks....you know exactly who I mean.

LOL yes... "true" past-life regressions. I kid you not. I can't remember where I read and/or heard that, or I would cite sources. ^_^


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