Thoughts on my family and future. (This is also on my personal 'blog,'

I posted this HERE as well as my blog because, honestly, not only am I very new to Think Atheist, and where the best place to upload any information happens to be, but I'm also new to 'blogging' in general.  I'm never really done it very much outside of the Bookface and... well that's it really, I don't tweet, I deleted my Myspace account and blogging has simply never come up very much for me.  So, please be patient with me here.

So--Point one, as the youngest of three, I am at a point in my life where my relationship has with my siblings, older sisters, has become incredibly strained; with one in particular. (I suppose people with siblings answer this one if possible.) Should I cut ties? I admit that I would be almost completely comfortable with it. She has done nothing my entire life but reinvigorate a sense of WHY I need to become a science teacher, and has also done nothing except ridicule and ha-rang me for what would seem to be very basic concepts. I have simply grown tired of it. If I could maintain a good relationship, I would consider the option, I just don't know how possible it is.

Second, I am a 'former' college student who had to move back home because of the recent economical hardships coupled with vehicle trouble, etc, etc. Living with my family at an age where I truly consider my partnership with my girlfriend to be lifelong, (we are 300 miles apart right now), and also living with a very conservative family who seem interested and respectful of science but seem far more worried about wishful thinking than critical thinking-- again, I plan to be a science teacher but have been an active artist for 10 years, what are some good options? (Warning, I am a very contemplative person and have considered many paths, most of which have been met with, "this is my house and you won't criticize my beliefs like that.")

As a future educator, how should I tackle students with similar mindsets? I plan on being a teacher that allows for bi-weekly discussion, assuming lesson plans are met and time allows, on modern topics. Any topic that the students wish to discuss, because as a teacher, I find much more of an obligation to teach my students HOW to think but critically analyzing stories and information.I appreciate any feedback-- especially from people with similar family issues. I have left out a lot of information and been very vague, so if ANY specification or clarification is needed, please, ask. 

ALSO, lol,  seem to be having some trouble with formatting and coloring.  I apologize, I'm working on that.

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