I was sitting in my room on the computer when I suddenly got an urge to "try something new" with another woman. After I had repented, flogged myself several times, and promised to offer a burnt offering for forgiveness to the All-Powerful, All-Omnipotent, and All-Merciful Ruler of the universe, I skipped back to my bed and said a long, remorseful prayer. Refreshing.


Just kidding :p But, on a more serious note, is this common among either gender? I might just be asking some really weird questions, but does anyone else ever have a moment when they're attracted to the same sex? Is it offensive to people who are naturally inclined to be gay to "experiment"? Personally, even when I was a christian, I didn't know how to deal with the whole issue. It seemed so snotty just to say something like "I love the sinner and not the sin" (picture a victorian noblewoman fanning herself and in a fake, high-pitched voice going "hahahahaha" right after saying this). Now I don't really care. People should be able to be with who they love regardless of who it turns out to be. But I never thought that I'd ever have those types of feelings.


Any other thoughts?

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I certainly don't claim that the polar end opposite to mine is wrong, or deviant, or anything else. Nor do I make this claim about anyone who falls in between, which I agree is likely the majority of humanity. The only thing I'm saying is that it's incorrect to claim that there are no people who sit on these far polar ends. I sit on the one end, as I'm sure plenty of other people do, and I'm equally sure there are many people who have never been attracted to a member of the opposite sex. That's all.
I would have to agree with the majority of replies here.  I think it is normal.  I happen to be hetero but there are plenty of women that I find extremely sexy.  The media makes sure of that.  My boyfriend and I even joke at times when he will say "I would do that actress!" and I will retort "So would I!"
Thank you all for your replies. Kris Feenstra, fauxmosexuality was what I was afraid was happening. Although I certainly wouldn't be gay for social opportunism, I was more concerned that I might hurt their cause since so many christians say that if homosexuality is socially accepted then everyone will want to be homosexual. It's a dumb argument, and now that I think about it I've been viewing the whole issue based on their flawed morality. They believe it's wrong and I don't. I don't really care what people do as long as their not hurting others, but it seems to me that the more freedom we have in our lives (not just with sexuality) the more religious people seem to view us as damned and close their ears to whatever we have to say.

Biologically speaking, evidence points to the fact that female sexuality is a pretty fluid thing. 




Thanks for the study!
I think people should be able to marry whoever they want, but I would get upset if a girl tried to turn me gay.
If she tried to "turn you gay"? What, with her magic wand? I think you simply mean if a girl were to make advances toward you. You don't actually believe you can be "turned" gay? Do you?
Turn you gay?
Do you think there is some magical wand of faggotry that will suddenly make you crave boobies with just a touch?
How do I get one of those? Cus I would LOVE to turn soooo many conservative hate-mongers gay.
Hey...maybe it is actually a potion. A Turn You Gay potion we could coat barbs with and hunt homophobes with?!
I would love to get Rush Limbaugh with a gay-dart. That would totally be the big-game hunting of homosexuality! Arm me with a blow gun and send me to Alabama, folks! I'm going on safari!
Wand of Faggotry...sounds plausible enough to be in the next Lord of the Rings. I'd rather see a bunch of hobbits fighting over a fairy-wand than a ring anyway.

Of course it's a potion, not a wand--why didn't I think of that? If you do get to go on safari, can I come with? I have a new gay-motion potion I'm going to sell in mass quantity to street vendors. I think if I get a big country celebrity to put their name on it, like Reba for the would-be lesbians and Dirks Bentley for the fairies-to-be, it could take Alabama by storm. Farm-hands with extra sway in their swagger. Barefoot and pregnant meets barefoot and butch.

...and before you say I was stereotyping and offending the gay populace--As a card carrying member I have certain inalienably rights of which I have chosen to exercise in this post.
Farm hand fairies and butch & barefoot....haha........somewhere in the world right now,
Ted Haggardy is getting a chubby
Seriously, Misty, you need to precede such posts with a warning to put down hot beverages and swallow any food that might be in one's mouth.  I just spent the last few minutes cleaning up coffee and wiping off my monitor - and I'm still laughing.
Now read it again in your best Crocodile Hunter voice, as you picture me creeping up behind Bill O'Reily wearing a grass skirt and holding the blow gun in one hand and a tikki torch in the other....


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