I was sitting in my room on the computer when I suddenly got an urge to "try something new" with another woman. After I had repented, flogged myself several times, and promised to offer a burnt offering for forgiveness to the All-Powerful, All-Omnipotent, and All-Merciful Ruler of the universe, I skipped back to my bed and said a long, remorseful prayer. Refreshing.


Just kidding :p But, on a more serious note, is this common among either gender? I might just be asking some really weird questions, but does anyone else ever have a moment when they're attracted to the same sex? Is it offensive to people who are naturally inclined to be gay to "experiment"? Personally, even when I was a christian, I didn't know how to deal with the whole issue. It seemed so snotty just to say something like "I love the sinner and not the sin" (picture a victorian noblewoman fanning herself and in a fake, high-pitched voice going "hahahahaha" right after saying this). Now I don't really care. People should be able to be with who they love regardless of who it turns out to be. But I never thought that I'd ever have those types of feelings.


Any other thoughts?

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Oy, Crikey, here we have Misty, the World Batheist, poised for attack on an elusive O'Reilly.  Dangerous predators, those World Batheists, and difficult to predict.  The O'Reilly makes for highly evolve prey, however, and could defend itself with fallacy in a split second.  Let's go in for a closer look, shall we?

I can die happy now!
The not so funny thing is that many of them ARE gay--secretly.
I know...how much self hatred does one person need?
Proof positive of what indoctrination does to the developing mind.
Lol sounds like a plan. I guess this whole issue bothers me more because I came from a conservative family. Trying to be more open-minded now gets more complicated than I thought it would be sometimes. Viewing my life as purely MY own is harder than I thought it'd be too. But I guess what can you expect when you once thought your life belonged entirely to someone else? But anyway thanks for the post.

I couldn't agree with you more, Shay. People have every right to be with whoever they want to be, male or female. I've had a moment (several actually, but with the same person) where I have been attracted to the same sex, because it's the personality that really makes a difference. 

Simple littly ditty, "It's Okay to be Gay." lol

Good point. I think I'd be more attracted to an optimistic girl than a snobby guy any day.
The changes in the world since I came out 40 years ago are both phenomenal and peculiar. From a time of fear and loathing into today's politically-correct pressures of acceptance. I sometimes have to catch my breath. With the fine work of science we have learned that being homosexual is neither vile nor negotiable, but simply the way we are each so beautifully assembled. Where you reside on the wide scale of sexuality is yours alone to determine, free of outside interference. Being without God impels you judge for yourself whether or not to allow for experimentation with your sex. Fear can be a powerful barrier. That's why I believe that people should tell their stories, "un-weave the rainbow"(aplogies to Mr. Dawkins) and perhaps remind people that "being Gay!" has been a tortuous and death-paved road that begins with the Christians and ends with today's new-found embracement. But what a Hell-of-a-Ride.....
I agree totally but everyone has to responsible for themselves and those they involve themselves with.  I am not against consensual sex (amongst adults, not including animals) but take some responsibility that your partner is of like mind.  Nobody should use another "just for sex" if that is not the same expectation of their partner of the moment.  We should always treat any other person with respect.  My opinion as a survivor of an unlawful act upon my person by someone I trusted (not a homosexual experience but still relevant).  And it wasn't one hell of a ride.  My point is to always be respectful, experimentation is natural, it is okay, just make sure your partner is on the same page.
I also fear the contempt that my family would also pour on me if (or when) they found out that I had acted on such feelings. I know it's none of their business, but I don't know which one would hurt more for them: my atheism or sexual experimentation.
When a family member pours out their contempt at a 'loved one' finding some joy in a simple pleasure that hurts no one and is nobody else's business, I have to ask why we even refer to family as 'loved ones'.
Yes, well around mother's day I hear a lot of self righteous proclamations about the unconditional love of a mother and I nearly want to puke.  If my own experience with that fallacy were unique I could chalk it up to aberration, but after years of volunteering with organizations that provide services to various groups of need I have come to realize that mothers can often more easily discard their children than they can the trash with whom they choose to share their bed.


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