I was sitting in my room on the computer when I suddenly got an urge to "try something new" with another woman. After I had repented, flogged myself several times, and promised to offer a burnt offering for forgiveness to the All-Powerful, All-Omnipotent, and All-Merciful Ruler of the universe, I skipped back to my bed and said a long, remorseful prayer. Refreshing.


Just kidding :p But, on a more serious note, is this common among either gender? I might just be asking some really weird questions, but does anyone else ever have a moment when they're attracted to the same sex? Is it offensive to people who are naturally inclined to be gay to "experiment"? Personally, even when I was a christian, I didn't know how to deal with the whole issue. It seemed so snotty just to say something like "I love the sinner and not the sin" (picture a victorian noblewoman fanning herself and in a fake, high-pitched voice going "hahahahaha" right after saying this). Now I don't really care. People should be able to be with who they love regardless of who it turns out to be. But I never thought that I'd ever have those types of feelings.


Any other thoughts?

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Through out history homosexuality has been practice without the the abrahamic curse. We no longer find it moral to stone women for not being virgins, adultery, children for talking back and slavery is no longer a moral position. The same passages in the bible that condemn homosexuality said it was sin to eat shellfish. It is time to get over this bronze age bull shit.
Biologically, we all start out female... and only turn out male because of a few genes on the Y chromosome, which activate hair growth, testosterone production, etc. Men and women end up with different amounts of hormones. I'm not a biologist, so I can't get super technical, but since there are people born with both (or the incorrect set of) genitalia, it's not hard to imagine people can all sit on different points on the sexuality scale. Some can be totally hetero- or homosexual; some can be somewhere in between, with maybe a stronger preference in either direction. I don't think sexuality is black and white at all. I don't think it's set in stone. Just like skin pigment can vary, so can sexual preference. Most people, however, would never admit it and don't even like to think about it. I've also heard that such an argument can undermine the homosexual plight, but I think it's true nevertheless. It's just sad that people think someone else's biological makeup is any of their business.
I hadn't really thought about it that way before. Your argument makes alot of sense. I usually think of sexuality in terms of homosexual vs heterosexual but there are so many more people like transgender who don't fit neatly into one spot. All of you have given me some really interesting ideas to think about so thanks. It seems I've also been narrow-minded about sexuality too, and it probably has no definite rules.
As an atheist I obviously don't care what the bible has to say about Homosexuality. But what do I think?

I wish gay people to be happy, just as a I wish all people to be happy. If getting married to another person would make them happy, who am I stand in their way? I think all people should have the same rights.

I agree 100%. :)

I think curiosity is natural/common, although I've never been curious enough to actually try it--and I probably never will be.


The real rub for me, when it comes to homosexuality, is the fact that most Christians don't realize the Bible does NOT forbid FEMALE homosexuality, just male homosexuality. Coming to this realization was a big turning point in my journey out of my long-standing faith. I actually just posted a video about this issue today, because Christians SERIOUSLY need to wake up to this fact: http://youtu.be/3j9uddfcuxE

Hmm I've never noticed that either but it's true. That's an interesting argument to pitch at devout believers in the bible's inerrancy.
The biggest thing that challenged me in my own faith was the enormous divide between what believers believe the Bible says and what it actually says. The gulf is so wide that I could no longer believe that there was a God leading people into any sort of truth whatsoever.
Yea I could never understand how a god, whether it was the christian one or zeus or whatever, could allow so much confusion in this world and never help. Everyone who says that they do have ultimate answers disagree with each other! How were people supposed to know what God wanted amidst so many conflicting ideas, much of which came from their own beliefs and traditions?
It's simple really.  They are all supposed to follow what MY god says!  Anything else should be punished by death.
*Sigh of relief* Well I'm glad a true answer has finally been found! Nothing resolves the issue better than another baseless claim. I vote that we start a cult-oops, I mean "religious organization"-right now (to avoid the death penalty of course)!
I will send you the address to which you may forward your tax deductible contributions.  Remember, god needs money.  We can't spread the good word without it.


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