It amazes me how un-Christian those "Christians" in your hate mail really act. And what is most frustrating is that they don't realize it. The two most important tenets of Christianity are: 1) love your God, and 2) love your neighbor as yourself. Many of them do an excellent job in loving their God. In fact, they do too good a job of that. But they neglect to love their neighbors. And that's because they don't realize that their neighbors include people who have different beliefs, or no beliefs as the case may be.


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Here is one major inauspicious and implausible argument that I have with the concept of God. In Sunday school, I was taught that God was compassionate and benevolent. Later, in Bible Studies, I was taught that God is to be feared something horrific. I may possibly be simple-minded; all the same, I could not liken, nor congeal, those two perceptions. I cannot love some thing I fear and I cannot fear some thing I love. Hey, maybe it is just me… but…
It's nice to see a polite letter for a change. I don't think that is a coincidence that the email has proper spelling and punctuation, either.
Think it is not the same guy? lol
WOW, you are the worst one!! You have dozens of posts here using profanity and insults and even threats to kill people who believe differently.

I believe that you have no idea what you write when you are upset.

Read back in your other posts and see how hateful, immoral, threatening, insulting and evil they are then come back and tell us how Christian you really are.

To quote Bill Maher "Thanks for being Christ-like and not just Christian."
The thing that has always amazed me about religious people is how they want to tell you how loving, and warm, and accepting and wonderful their religions is, and when you say, "Well, that's all well and good for you, but for me, it's illogical, irrational, unreasonable and impossible." They want to kill you!
how do you know they are being un-Christian?
how do you know what the two most important tenets of Christianity are?
the two you mention aren't in the 10 commandments, so how important can they be?


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