Thought Expirament - What if the Bible Was Taken Literally...By Everyone?

So, I was watching a TED Talk awhile ago by A. J. Jacobs about how he lived by the bible (all of it) for a year, and I thought to myself, 'What if the whole world did that?'  At first it seems like a very silly question, but after adding together various implications I realized it would have such a major impact that I alone (and my friends on FB) couldn't fully comprehend the outcome.

Thus, I pose the better developed question to the athiestic masses.  What would the global impact be, to include biosphere, society, environment, ect... if the entirety of the human race followed the laws of the bible (we'll go with NT) explicitly and without question? 

By the way, I'm also new to Think Athiest.

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If everyone took the bible literally, most of us would not believe in it and there would be a lot more atheists. The very fact that many Christians call many of its content symbolic, is the very justification they need to believe in it. I use justification very loosely btw, its nothing more than an excuse in reality. 

As for your second question, that sounds like Jesus Camp times a thousand. Just watch he documentary Jesus Camp, that is exactly what it would be like. 

There would be a lot more stoning, murder and rape.

Let me try to clear this up.  Think in the terms of an expirament.  Ignore the fact that humans have the capacity for critical thinking and reason, and lack the ability to question the bible.  Also, don't just think in terms of mankind and society; think about the planet earth and all that encompasses.

I would rather stay at my hermitage on the hill that take part in such an experiment.

Does anyone have a list of NT mandates? Can I keep my machine shop, computer, dogs and wife? Must I learn how to un-read? Wait for the second coming? Or wear rough wool garments? May be I would need to learn Hebrew, and unlearn English? Would bathing be ok? Would I have to scurge myself and do penance? 


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