There are certain people we will encounter in our lives who will just get at our core anger.


I really need help here because I want so badly to make her life miserable and I know that this would only make me look bad.  I feel I have already made a fool of myself and frankly I do not want to think about it anymore.  I just want to forget about this person and go on. 


The story:

Last summer my husband and I were going to our neighborhood tennis courts, while driving there I was eating a lovely freestone peach.  It was extraordinarily yummy, however at the end there is this pit right and as I exited the car I tossed the pit into a pile of leaves at the edge of a fence.  I do not agree with disposing of all biodegradable materials in plastic bags that will fill up land fills.  The pit would be properly cleaned by ants and if we are lucky perhaps a tree will grow.  But no, across the way there was a woman who decided it was her neighborly duty to point out that I was littering.  She yelled "That is not very nice." and I said, "No worries it is only a peach pit."  At which point she said "It doesn't matter you are still littering."   I explained that a peach pit is biodegradable and that she should not worry herself over this, was not her business anyway.  Well she decided to get even more unpleasant and I decided to get in her face and try and explain what biodegradable means and then I suggested she take more walks.  I was not very nice at this time and frankly I am not proud of myself.  She told me she was going to call the police and I asked her what her complaint would be if she did call them.  She then said that she was going to report me for littering.  I then handed her my cell phone and told her to go ahead.  She took the phone and then handed it back to me and stalked off.  Thinking this would be the end of it my husband and I had a hearty conversation about the obvious ignorance of some people and started playing tennis.  


About ten minutes later two patrol cars roll up with four officers and they approached the fence.  The lady never returned to the scene to meet with the police and when they showed up they asked what the problem was and I confessed that I had thrown a peach pit into a pile of leaves.  They looked disgusted and asked where the person who made the call was and I shrugged my shoulders and suggested that she was hiding at home.  They left and we continued with our game.  I was a bit miffed at this point because she was surely abusing 911 for such a silly thing.


Okay so today we show up at the tennis courts and there she is again.  My husband got out of the car and she asked him if he was a resident and my husband then replied yes and then I got out of the car and asked her the same thing and she went off like a bomb and shouted.  "I am the president of the Home Owners Association!"  I said, "Oh yeah, you are that, whats her name?"  I was not being nice here because she is just into making a scene.  I think she enjoys this kind of thing.  Power tripping and all.  Okay so I got in her face and told her a few choice things and she told me she was going to have me banned from the common areas.  I told her that she was welcome to do so, I can handle it.  


Frankly I can't handle it.  She is a confrontational moron and she has a reputation for being a bitch and how she got elected HOA president is beyond me.  Her husband or someone living at her house owns a lawn care business and displays his signs  very prominently in her yard for advertisement which is in violation of the covenant.  I do not really care about this I would normally allow them enough time to hang themselves with their own ropes and that is what I would like to do in this case.  So I need some moral support here please.


I have mentioned this to two other people who live in the neighborhood and they just smile and say..'Oh that is just the way she is."  You can't change her.  Well I don't want to change her I just don't want to be accosted when I go to the tennis courts.  


I do not feel like being nice to this person, I am a generally good person.  I do not work,so I volunteer at the school and the animal shelter and I pretty much keep a low profile and mind my own business.  I hate to be dragged into a petty neighborhood bitch fest but this woman has gotten under my skin. Any advice?


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Take a picture of that sign... She can remove it at anytime.. You'll have proof that she thinks she's above the rules..Just in case she continues to harass you.

Also, in the future.. Don't waste your time arguing or trying to educate an idiot... It's alway's better to walk away.

Would you try to teach a dog to say thank you??

Enjoy your life... :)

Avoid those who are vexations to the spirit.

Leave her a flaming bag of peach pits on her door. 


Ok, no, there a neighborhood watch or patrolman in the area? Next time you use the common areas, try to get witnesses to her harassment. 

lol, i admit that my 1st response was that this was a perfect time for the old flaming paper bag of dog shit on the porch at midnight stunt (maybe + videoed + youtube).


Throwing a peach pit on the ground is as much littering as pecans falling out of a tree. This person is a freak on a power trip.

Thought about saving up all my peach pits this year and leaving them on her lawn at night.  Just thinking about it usually makes me feel better and I don't have to actually do anything.  I just don't have the heart for it.  I am generally not a vengeful person, I just hate when I meet someone like her who just gets to me...if you know what I mean.  I would describe myself as pretty happy go lucky and occasionally grumpy but not outwardly mean and nasty to others.  This person has been described by some other neighbors as having a grating personality and they have also had some unpleasant encounters with her.  They just tell me to accept her the way she is.....I can do this...but I am not going to be shouted at for a peach pit.
Bookmarked also!  That's freaking wicked!

Oh internet. You never cease to amaze me.


Bookmark!! Lol.



Print out pics of her husband' business signs and present them at the next homeowner's meeting. Call into question her breaking the rules that she feels above, and drive home the point that the rules are for everyone and for the community's protection. Very pointedly ask when the next election is for her position, and find another resident who is willing to run against her. This personality type can only be confronted face-to-face, since you have described a "Sniper", because they cannot continue their antics without the smokescreen she puts up. If she ever approaches you again get in her face and tell her that she is a bully and you will not tolerate bullies (they hate that!) If you never stand up to her she will never relent, but by shaming her with her own behavior in front of everyone you will finally get her to back off. With any luck you'll find someone else in your community who is willing to run against her for this thankless position, and maybe she'll move out to somewhere else where she can practice her nonsense. Make sure she knows it is personal with you, but only use facts against her at a public forum. Maybe a whisper campaign is also a good way to defeat her and have her removed, but rumors could easily spread by her as well...
This is exactly why I would NEVER EVER buy a house in a HOA. How to cut your lawn, color of your house.. HeLL NO! You now got me pisses off. I don't know what to say to help you I am going to do some deep breathing. HEE HEE HEE. Get her out of office.


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