This Will Blow Your Mind: There Are Billions Of Universes Like Ours Out There

The background: The theory of billions of other universes has existed for decades, but nobody has found solid evidence to support the theory until now.

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This is very interesting.  Here's an edition of Radio 4's Material World from May 2013 dealing with the same subject, including an interview with Laura Mersini-Houghton, who is very clever and has figured out the universe. 

It certainly looks like there could be some evidence for a multiverse.  And since when did nature ever make just one of anything? 

"the laws of physics"  - apparently each universe would have its own laws of physics depending on the starting conditions.  This implies that each one is a variation of some grand law of physics.  I've heard that most of the time, all you get is a sea of energy, and it's very rare for this energy to coalesce into discrete particles like we have. 

Doesn't that assertion undermine the meaning of the word universe?

Also "The European Space Agency's Planck spacecraft gathered samples of radiation leftover from the Big Bang that have been floating through space for 3,700,00 years."

So the Big Bang was only 3.7 million years ago?

nice.  i completely missed that when i read it.

By what measurement or fact-based calculation did they decide it was "billions" of other universes and not tens, hundreds, millions, or trillions?

Infiniverse :p


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