In case anyone needs a reminder of why we are atheist and why many of us think religion is extremely harmful, this is a post from one of the religious people I know. And keep in mind, this is in Canada, where religious extremism is "not that big".

All spelling/grammar mistakes are due to Google Translate.

"ATTENTION, you can be in the middle of an attack and not know it is tremendous to know the plans of God and know what comes later, God warns us of what has come to be prepared. 


Do symptoms of an attack, attention:
1. you distracted easily when you pray and you can not concentrate?

2. You feel alone, tired (a) and you want things that your want to are already!
3 Questions in your mind of the promises God has given to you through his word?
Do 4 your mind justify your behavior, you know that is not well before God?
5. Do you forget the blessings that God has given you because you focus on what you want now?

If one of these signals is going with you or someone in your family, it is because these in the middle of an attack.


Submit yourselves therefore to God. resist the devil and will flee from you. James 4:7 1. Submit your life, thoughts, and feelings to God, seems difficult to do the will of God, but if you submit, will be more easy 2. If we submit, our father we protect!
3. If we submit, our Savior INTERCEDE for us!
4. If we submit, our best friend, the spirit Holy us guide to the truth.
5 Not murmures each other, when we do let our common enemy take our mind and we become judges. But above all we enseguece and do not let us see our own mistake.
6 Fortalescamosnos in the Lord! and in the power of his might. Vistiendonos on full armor of God so that we can be able to stand against the attack. 

Helmet of salvation Breastplate of Justice belt of truth sword of spirit of Dios shield of the faith shoes of the Gospel of peace now Vistamosnos, declaralo with your mouth, sometamosnos God and resist this attack!

Spirits, we don't seem as our greatest reward is. Struggle and be brave!
Passion for revival"

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Well i know Canadians have a funny accent , but but i had no clue their English is so different that we would need google to translate it.

Though in all seriousness I do not see this post  as all that terrible. It is not calling for death to the infidel or feeding their Christian persecution complex. It is even beating up on the gays. If this was as bad as christians ever got then i would actually have very little trouble with them.

Though in all seriousness I do not see this post  as all that terrible.

Telling people that questioning and doubts, that having normal human feelings like loneliness and fatigue and that being okay with "ungodly" behaviour is an evil attack from Satan is a pretty big fucking deal.

Telling people that the only way they will be okay is to submit, to be a slave to their brand of god is a pretty big deal.

Especially if these messages are being targeted at children, which this particular religious group is very fond of doing.

That is why i did not say ' i do not see this post as at all terrible'.

Yes it has some stuff i disagree with. But still it is pretty tame in the scene  of every  day religious nastiness.

Extraordinary.  Fight to submit?  Isn't that a bit like fucking for virginity?

Ha! Indeed. This is incredibly scary for me though, to tell people doubt is a bad thing in any respect, without doubt we would learn nothing. In fact, I encourage you to doubt me.

Very funny Strega! Fucking for virginity!!!


Nope. Christian.

"International House of God", or "Casa de Dios Internacional".

Same people that throw money at Benny Hinn.



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