I have never "voiced" my beliefs before but I had this need to write and this is what came out...or at least a brief rough draft of what goes through my mind when I hear friends and families conversations.

I respect all opinions and this is mine. I believe in having my own beliefs. I believe in not denouncing others faith. I believe in the end nothing matters, nothing we have done, said, believed in or not believed in, people we  have loved, hated, missed, or loathed, because in death it is all the same. Just as we were all born the same way (we all were conceived as a result of a man and a woman, or technology I guess...) we will all die into nothingness. Believing in (a) God(s), or believing that aliens may have created us, using us as experiments, or any other belief people may have,  to me they are all just ways for man to satisfy the need to know, to know the meaning of life, to have a meaning of life. When actually there is no meaning to life other than our primitive instincts to breed and keep our species alive, we have no more meaning to life than a cat or an elephant or a maggot in the trash. I believe the theories of how we came to be, either scientifically or biblically, are inconsequential; hmmm let me rephrase… everything we think we know, everything we believe is irrelevant and meaningless.  


I am not sure if I consider myself Atheist, I have seen so many destroy the concept for me. I feel as though that goes with any belief and I choose not to label myself whether I am "text book" believer or a loose follower.

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I'll assume the nihilistic and Atheist views have been adequately hit. 


In the big picture, we are cogs in the wheel. If those cogs do not help the machine run smoothly, it endangers the machine. So if we don't teach our offspring to be the best next cog in the wheel, we haven't done our job to get the big machine to the next point on the road. 


How that relates to the small picture is that finding the next step in the cure for cancer does much to benefit many for all future generations. Finding a way to yield more from a crop will feed people around the world for generations and enrich their lives so that they might study and do well to be the best cog in the wheel in their machine. It's important to note that the success of their machine helps our machine too. If we don't have to drop our efforts to go pick up those that have fallen behind, we can take care of our own. At the family level, this plays out in that if you have a parent that is a physically abusive alcoholic, the chances of you being a physically abusive alcoholic increase exponentially. But if rather than drinking, you teach your children to read, this insignificant choice will significantly improve the lives of multiple generations in your family. When time travelling ahead and picturing the end of humanity and the insignificance of it all, don't forget to stop by and see the joy of your Great-Grandchildren because you took the time to teach your child to hug and express themselves. You'll come back with two competing thoughts, and which one is more functional?


There is an end game to this in Red Dwarfs, Gamma Ray Bursts, or others. But the life we have is not a video game. It's tangible, and to be experienced, shared, enjoyed. Not for a deity, but for the sake of life itself and for the enjoyment of future generations.


That's my take anyways. Thanks for sharing yours. That insignificant act is significant to me feeling the value of living today.  



everything we think we know, everything we believe is irrelevant and meaningless. 


I partially agree with this statement. Yes, you are one of 7 billion plus people inhabiting and frequently polluting this planet and it does not matter you exist or not in that particular context. Yet, it is you to give a meaning and relevance to your own life. If you're happy about it, it is not only good but also relevant to your friends, people you know, etc.

I believe I am here and that is all there is to know any thing else is just a conversation into the known world and unknown world.  Pick one...


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