It looks like any hopes or dreams that Donald Trump isn't serious about running for President can be set aside. So, here's your chance to express your thoughts, prognostications, predictions, or rants. 

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GODWIN'S LAW is, kind of like Murphy's Law, more of a rule of thumb than a law. It states that the longer a discussion goes on, the more likely it is someone will invoke Hitler or Nazism.

At the risk of being one of the first upon whom Godwin's Law could be invoked, let me say that as time goes by it's becoming easier and easier to see analogies between Donald Trump and Adolf Hitler.

No, I don't think Trump would march Hispanics off to concentration camps or genocidal ovens, but there still are comparisons to be made.

Trump argues like Hitler that the country has gone to the dogs and is being oppressed by other countries.

Trump like Hitler singles out one particular ethnic group as a major problem.

Trump's program generally consist of "trust me," much like Hitler, who didn't reveal in his rise to power what "the ultimate solution" (to the Jewish problem) would be.

Trump is a great showman as was Hitler. Both have a great sense of spectacle.

@ The Invisible Man:

"I don't think Trump would march Hispanics off to concentration camps or genocidal ovens"

It's worse then that, he will send them back to Mexico.

I've been to Mexico. It's better than a concentration camp and there's no zyklon gas.

@Really Not There:

"...there's no zyklon gas."

Shocking...did they run out?

He has unique hair.

He's a dick.

He doesn't send me checks.

He doesn't send me gifts.

He needs a proper mustache.

Trump who?

If I win this thread what kind of prize do I get?

Even tho I'm not poor, I don't like anyone who has more then me. :(

I'm scared shitless.

Are Americans really that fucking stupid? REALLY? 

A rhetorical question.

Scared of what?

What Trump is showing is how fed up people are with politicians who only say what their managers and focus groups tell them to say. Trump just says whatever comes into his head. They find him fascinating because he's so unfiltered.

He just might end up the GOP's nominee but can he get enough blacks, Hispanics, and women to vote for him to win a national election? I seriously doubt it.

Scared of what?

Um....for family being deported. Like it or not, my son's father has family that has been illegally in this country since BEFORE 9/11. They are my cousins, aunts, uncles, and my son's cousins. They are part of our lives, and I love them.

And he just honestly has no fucking clue about anything and is giving very vague responses to everything he is asked and dodging questions and no one is calling him out on it, because everyone is scared to challenge him.

I don't want a megalomaniac president running this country....Or in the words of Ronda Rousey, "I don't want a reality TV star running my country."

What Trump is showing is how fed up people are with politicians who only say what their managers and focus groups tell them to say. Trump just says whatever comes into his head.

His NON-political correctness is refreshing. An admirable quality. But I see him as a dangerous person. I don't trust him.

a) He's unelectable

Hispanics are a huge voting bloc. They alone can keep him from becoming President. Everyone agreed after the last election that the GOP had to appeal to Hispanics to have a future, so Trump centering his campaign on "the illegals" problem, when so many people, such as yourself, have relatives here illegally, is a deal killer as far as the Hispanics go.

b) In the US, the President is not a king. Look at how he's been unable to close Gitmo. Once a President gets in office, he has to face up to actual realities, both political and practical. For example, if he lets someone at Gitmo out and they turn around and carry out another 9/11, it would be a disaster both politically and practically,

I hope that you are right Unseen. I honestly am starting to question whether or not he is electable. There are a lot of Hispanics, but the truth is the ones who really care aren't necessarily able to vote.

There are a lot of Hispanics in New Mexico for example that actually are Republican and who would vote for him. You would be surprised how divided the Hispanic community is. In New Mexico for example you have Hispanic people who are descendent from the Conquistadores, and are native New Mexican, and they don't like what's happening to our state because of the drugs and gang violence caused by the cartels. We live in violence every day because of it. The old Hispanic families wouldn't be beyond his reach.

As far as your other comment, Trump seems like the kind of person who would just Trump everyone and roll over them with veto power if he didn't get what he wanted and not think twice about it. So if he was elected I fear that he would actually do what he says and abuse his power. I'm scared that the American public seems oblivious to that fact.

I do know that there are conservative Hispanics, as well as some who resent the way illegals reflect on the legals. What the GOP would need, though, is a large majority of Hispanics to win (plus blacks and women). It's really hopeless for them, especially the way Trump forces the GOP to take unpopular stands (Huckabee is all for forcing a 10 year old who was raped by her stepfather to bring the baby to term, for example, and almost all of them are opposed to any sort of welfare, too).

Even as President, Trump still would have to deal with Congress, the Supremes, and the public (remember, he's obsessed with his popularity in the polls). He can't change reality.


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