This is the kind of god I could get behind..but of course, it's just as silly.  Still, it makes more sense than some:--------------------------

A god was bored, in the middle of nothingness, the Void. Neither space nor time existed, and his proximity to each was both as profound and meaningless as you can imagine. No, it was more.

"If only there was another god I could hang with... somebody to create and share a coffee with. We could create rocks and go climbing on weekends, after one of us creates weekends. Maybe golf. That would be cool," he thought.

But he couldn't just create a god from scratch; that would mean having control over the existence, or non-existence thereof, and you wouldn't be much of a god if somebody could create or destroy you. A god had be be... 'grown' organically, allowed to become a god, to deify as it saw fit.

So the god started a universe with the properties of time and space. He set some rules to make sure the universe would work by itself and said "Let there be 'GO!'" And it 'GOed!'

Then the god stopped thinking about it because he was outside time/space. For him, it happened. To say he had to wait for the results makes as much sense as saying you have to wait for a burrito in a trillion-watt microwave. Even if it was frozen. It was done. Amen.

But, inside the time/space microwave, the new god had to grow. And it took trillions of trillions of trillions of...epochs. So long that you can't even apply human words to describe it... except maybe some math terms. It took so long all of the protons decayed inside the time/space microwave.

During that space/time, the universe cooked to create something that was self-aware, self-determinant, self-scrutinizing. And it had to learn everything around it. In the end, it had to completely understand how integral it was to the universe, and how integral the universe was to it, and how it was, therefore, the universe. Then the last proton decayed and the microwave went "Ding".

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