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30 billion years the universe will end...How did he get this fact?
From the books I’ve read, 30 billion years = end of the universe is not accurate.
As far as I've gathered, there is no evidence for the Big Crunch. Most scientists now accept that the universe will keep expanding, and that we will die in 'ice' rather than 'fire', as objects move further from each other and everything becomes colder. A little disappointing-- I hope they can figure out a way to make the 'Phoenix Universe' idea, another one being born, work despite that, perhaps in the multiverse theory.

It'd be neat if we were just one of billions of universes drifting like bubbles, being just pockets of one another, and 'bursting' or 'popping' eventually from expansion.
As a response to you very last post... One thing that that I find interesting is that it's problematic to consider two black holes actually merging as there opposing gravities actually cancel each other out. They don't 'repel' each other per se but when their event horizons cross there's a HUGE release of light and energy. I'm not sure where you can find the observation. (and I'm too lazy to look it up) But they have found a black hole in orbit around another and twice a rotation there are very big fuck-you explosions. So it brings into questions the cicumstanses that would allow one black hole to effectively swallow the other... I would think that requires one of their masses being lessened as such that it ceases to be a black hole before it can be engulfed... just you know, food for thought... A little OT, but I think it's interesting.
Well I'm glad you caught it. To be honest I kinda felt like a fool for posting it before looking for it here first. But I'm glad to hear that people are seeing that might not have otherwise.
I loved the video, definitely. As far as the end, instead of posting a bunch of pictures from movies of people, I would prefer if he had posted those Hubble telescope pictures of the giant nebulas in different colors and other pictures that have actually completely humbled me to the grandeur of the universe in a single photograph-- I think it would have made it all the more impacting. But I will definitely post this on my Facebook.


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