Hi there! I'm KT. I haven't posted anywhere else yet, and I thought this would be a good place to start. This is my first 'appearance' as an Atheist, and I'm pretty much here just looking for support and others that share in my 'beliefs'. I come from a very Mormon-centric city, so it's very hard to find support here.

Anyways, I hope I'll be able to make a couple friends around here and maybe get the courage to finally tell my friends and family the truth!

Thank you for listening to me babble! :D


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Welcome to TA, you'll find lots of support from this group.  It is a great joy to get rid of the burden of religion and see the world around you without the filter of faith.  I feel sorry for those who can't really enjoy the Universe I enjoy learning more about because they have to see it through their religion.  As for telling friends and family, that can be very tough and can go badly in so many ways.  Start small and don't expect much.  I'd be surprised if you don't have a friend who is perhaps an atheist as well, or at least is open minded or has doubts.  That person would be a good place to start if you can find them.  And at least, you've got lots of new potential friends out here in cyberspace!

Welcome to TA, KT. I'm also relatively new here and I can personally say it is a very warm and welcoming community. You will no doubt find some great friends the more you engage in the conversation. :) Enjoy it!


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