How many of those parents who lost children in the Connecticut shooting are christian?

If you pray over their bodies after this then in my opinion you disrespect their memory, where was your bloody god when they needed him most!?

I had a long cry after seeing the story, but I'm not forgetting we are still killing children with drones, oh do you want me to feel sorry for your loss?, I feel sorry for the children NOT you!

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I remember a line in the movie 'Grand Canyon(1991)', '...people are dieing in the streets, and we are getting used to it!'

Now people are dieing in schools, malls, theaters, offices, churchs, etc. It is doubtful that any of this is new, but the frequency seems to be increasing. I noticed that many of the shooters seem rather young, the last two were 22. Are the young adults telling us something about their perceptions of the world and their future? 


Hrmm...good point.  Suicide bombers are all young too.  Why does either choose death over life? 

I'm 26.  I honestly feel that I no longer have a future. 

When I was your age, our science club was able to obtain a copy of the original military manual of 'The Effects of Atomic Weapons'. For us it was a study manual for the 'Future of things to come'.

A few of us did a small computation to determine the number of weapons needed for saturation bombing, given kill radius and yield, for the US and the then USSR. The numbers needed for saturation versis what was in 'known' stock piles, were way out of wack. It was clear that something else was going on with the stock pile production. Maybe defence contractors were syponing off national assets?

I for one did not think I had a future. There was going to be some fool, that had control of the buttons, and he was out of our hands, beyond a petition. This was about 1969, I was about 15.

It is unclear how many generations have suffered under the thought of 'no future'. I was reading something at that time indicating that there would be a 'lost' generation due to the cold war.    

Now we have global warming, environmental threats, terrorism, and a growing international revolutionary/anti-capitalist movement.

My first exposure to the idea of global warming was in 1971, during a 'for TV' environmental class, and I have a Governmental paper from 1964, concerning the effects of Global warming. To me this all seems simular to the fears during the cold war. After the wall fell and the cold war seemed to fizzle, it feels like global warming/environment has taken it's place. As the wall fell it seemed that we just might regain our future(s), but now it appears that to save ourselves, we must rethink our concepts of culture and technology. Nuclear weapons, might have been the wedge to open up our attitudes to re-evaluation.

"Suicide bombers are all young too.  Why does either choose death over life?"

The young are both commonly ideolistic, and without significate power. This can place them into a nearly impossible position, cultural demands of conformity, cultural contradictions concerning values and virtue, sometimes limited  opportunities of expression, and the long track for a culturally accepted point of maturity. I expect that we each could find some reason, if we are not careful, commiting ourselves to some lessor or greater 'good' that might generate a choice to suicide, or alienation from the present and future.

Given the OCCUPY movement and other expressions of youthful outrage, I expect that the young and their sympathisers, have reclaimed some power.

I was able to find a exit from much of my alienation by not losing myself in the culture around me. Sadly I still need stuff from it, but most of my friends seem to have found places for a disconnect, while maintaining practical/utilitarian connections.        

James, today's society (our leaders, advertisers, Wall Street denizens, et cetera, by their often shameless behavior) give young adults permissions that earlier societies did not give their young adults.

The people who scold young adults will find those responsible when they look into mirrors.

God was there though. As tragic it was, it was all part of the great plan they rave on about.

Haven't you heard? God's classy, he doesn't go where he's not wanted.


@ kOrsan - that speaker is so fucked up. He is a disgrace to even to Christians.

But he's everywhere at once..He can't go away. :o:o. How can a puny insignificant being like humans even tell god what to do. 

We created God.  We make him say whatever we like.  We change his motives and twist his Word.  We make him disappear and appear as we like.  Hopefully we will one day banish him for good.

So if we pray to 'God', he will install, at no cost to us a, 'sancity field'. that repulses shooters, atheists, common sense, evolution, Democrates, freethinkers, school lunch programs, sex education, most science education, and Public Broadcasting programs!

Sounds like a much safer place......for a vacuum.....

Good start, James.

The sanctity field will be more effective when it also repulses abortion, masturbation, lust, other gods, and all else that stirs the fears of the charlatan in the above clip and his allies.

If we cause them to be affraid, are we doing them justice?


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