In my point of view: If homosexuality is a sin to christianity, and since it's not a choice and inborn, like science proves, can't this disprove god? Maybe not even prove, just for christians.

On a side note: (for christians, if they bother)
If christians are born sinners, according to the bible, then why the fuck are they trying to be so righteous. I say you'd be better off committing suicide, in my logic.
And who's to say suicide is a bigger sin than the others if there is none, so if you die, at any time, you can't repent anymore anyways and besides, you cant repent for every single sin in your life by that time.....

so your smart ass is goin to hell too then riiight?
fuck your jesus

there's my rant :)

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Whenever science discovers something that christians don't like, they simply create pseudo-scientific organizations which use big words to promote their preconceived notions of how the world works. For instance, The Institute for Creation Research or NARTH.

Despite the recognition by real psychologists that sexual orientation is largely fixed within an individual, NARTH continues to assert that gay people can be "cured". Of course, staunch members of the ex-gay movement can often be found fleeing from a gay bar or hiring a rentboy to "carry their luggage", but I'm sure the cure will work someday.

Arguments are ineffective against people who are determined to avoid any contact with reality. Ridicule and derision work pretty well though, and they're really fun.
Fuck the cure, let's get to the fun.
Ridicule and derision work pretty well though, and they're really fun.

I agree. Mockery is a very powerful tool and maybe the most effective to use against the happily deluded.
Try talking with Fred Phelps about "fags", and why they disprove God. You'd find yourself burning on a stake.
who cares, they'lll be burned sooner or laterrr
na, i don't take any religious bullshit seriously, .... why? .. i'm kinda frustrated, but as i mentioned before, nobody has stated this topic to my understanding. as for the religious that have differing perceptions, it's easy to notice the flawfulness just by how every christian follows a different belief, which you already know anyways.
The homosexuality point is a good one, but Christians spin it off like so:

As for the suicide, it's a one-way ticket to hell, or so the bible tells us, but then again there are ways around that:

It's good that you're thinking, though. After long enough, you'll know what to expect from the fundies, and their brand of craziness. They only have so many arguments, and once you get good enough at giving quick, intelligent answers, they usually back off. If you REALLY want to shut down the Christian fundies, you can fight crazy with crazy, like I do. I like to start off by loudly exclaiming "I deny the existence of the Holy Spirit!" In their bible (Matthew 12:31), it clearly states that denying the Holy Spirit is an 'unforgivable' sin (the only one, actually), guaranteeing you a one-way ticket to hell. Then whenever they try to talk to you about religion, remind them of what you said, and accuse them of effectively telling you to 'go to hell.' The more of a fuss you raise, the more awkward and embarrassed they feel, and there's not really any way they can get around it. It's really fun, you should try it! Anyway, welcome to the site, and if you have any questions, feel free to ask me, I'll get an answer for ya. Stay rational and keep thinking!
lol, well i know how they think and i like the way you do too. that's a good one. i'd like to fight w/ the crazy, haven't been round those for a while so i kinda want to. there appear to be many "one tickets to hell" and yet no ticket to hell, cause no sin is apparently supposed to be greater. so fuck all thaaat.
Thanks for the link. That really got me steamed. Personally I beleive that If you're gay (or bisexual), I don't think you can just stop being gay and change back, then be like "Oh, being gay is wrong, I don't beleive in it" Thats pretty much redonkulous.
Actually, I wouldn't need a reply to my own argument. Even at my most religious, my attitude toward homosexuals was "The Bible says all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God. It also says that there is no degree of sin, so being gay isn't any worse than telling a little white lie or any of the other things that I do every day. Gays will be judged just like everybody else, no better or no worse." I supported equal rights for homosexuals, even though I believed it to be a sin, because I felt that Jesus would've done the same ("let he who is without sin cast the first stone"). I was pretty liberal though, lol.


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