The first Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America is part of the Bill of Rights. The amendment prohibits the making of any law “respecting an establishment of religion “. The Establishment Clause of the First Amendment has been interpreted by the Supreme Court as erecting a separation of church and state. This seems simple enough to anyone who thinks free, no laws regarding religion. Yet, everyday, I see laws already on the books, that have nothing to do with religion, not being enforced on religious grounds. I feel that the blanket of security provided to me by the Bill of Rights is being pulled away for no other reason than people not wanting to get involved. I have always heard from the righteous that all evil needs to grow is for good people to do nothing. I feel that statement could not fit this topic any better. Only problem is i do not believe in good and evil, only action and reaction.
If the laws that the state of CA has already passed are refused to be upheld on religious grounds then how long before people start thinking it proper to create laws on religious grounds?
The proliferation of road side shrines in CA has reached a point that a discussion needs to be had by the public.

California Vehicle Code Division 16.5 -
Article 6. Littering and Environmental Protection

Throwing, Depositing, or Dumping Matter
38320. (a) No person shall throw or deposit, nor shall the registered owner or the driver, if such owner is not then present in the vehicle, aid or abet in the throwing or depositing, upon any area, public or private, any bottle, can, garbage, glass, nail, offal, paper, wire, any substance likely to injure or kill wild or domestic animal or plant life or damage traffic using such area, or any noisome, nauseous or offensive matter of any kind
(b) No person shall place, deposit or dump, or cause to be placed, deposited or dumped, any rocks or dirt in or upon any area, public or private, without the consent of the property owner or public agency having jurisdiction over the area.
(c) Any person who violates this section shall, upon conviction thereof, be punished by a fine of not less than fifty dollars ($50). No part of such fine shall be suspended. The court may permit the fine required by this section to be paid in installments if the court determines that the defendant is unable to pay the fine in one lump sum.

Trash is trash , on the side of the road , in a dumpster , in a land fill. It makes no difference how neatly you arrange it , its still trash and its still against the law to dispose of along the side of the county road. I am proud of our efforts as a society to be aware of litter on the roadway and to have taken up a position in regards to the litter problem in our society. Keep America beautiful , is that not a slogan somewhere ? We have all seen the 1000$ fine for littering signs along the highways and roads we travel everyday. The response triggered by the sight of burger wrappers, empty beer cans and old discarded tires should be the same response to plastic crosses, plastic flowers and those solar powered yard lights. The view that some plastic and some paper is somehow ( holy ) and other plastic and other paper is not could not be a bigger double standard, which by the way is the standard operating mode of the christian movement. By the current logic practiced by these people today ( and I use the term logic very loosely ) But applying the same logic, then one could say that a swastika, a voodoo doll, a burning cross, or a bundle of shrunken heads hanging from a pike is acceptable remembrance at a point in space-time where someone ceased to exist. Do we not already have a public place for remembrance called the cemetery ? If the massive amount of wasted land we call a cemetery is not enough space for remembrance for you and you feel you need to do more in order to appease your angry god then you can always decorate as distastefully as you wish your private property. That is the issue here, people trespassing on my civil rights. If I believed in ghosts and wanted to offer them some plastic I understand that is my right as a citizen of this country, however, I also understand that I do not have the right to go make a mess on someone else’s property. Why is this simple point so hard for people to understand ? This country, my country, has worked very hard to pull itself up and out of the (third world) mentality that stifles progress and oppresses minds and I will not sit by and watch it slip back in to the dark ages. The distance between crosses and up-side down bathtubs with statues in them and the sacrifice of a (virgin) for a good harvest is not very far.

Thank You

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