Okay... so we basically killed ThinkChrist.com. And it only took 6 atheists to do it.

I say we resurrect this site as a site to bash religion in a parody form [like the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster type thing] Who's with me? Yay or Nay?

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Is it gone already? lol
The guy made it specifically to spite and make fun of us here at ThinkAtheist. In my mind, that means 'fair game.'
Hmmm, i'll have to think about this.

okay, i vote yes :D
Sky, you know I was second only to Doone on that site. I've been waiting... It's like a free website for us now.
Only obstacle I can think of is taking away creator rights from the asshole who made the original site? Alright, how do we do that? That will be necessary in order for any atheists to become mods on that site. Because I doubt Jebus Freak will let us be mods on his own.

actually that could be a good idea, I mean the site name itself is already a ridiculous contradiction in terms.
If you guys want to do it, my Bible Fanfic writers group has some content you can use.
I can contribute as well. I think I'd have to register another profile or something because the one I already registered on there has me listed as being from Think Atheist.
We can all change our profiles before changing the site over to a parody. No one would know, there's only atheists there now...
Yeah, but I already posted some things in the forums. Unless we can get rid of the existing posts somehow then I'd probably have to recreate. Works for me though. Once we have it up and running I can link people to it on Youtube. I do some Poe on there with my account "JesusIsMyKing2012."
How do we take control over from the creator?
I don't think that we can.


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