Just to find out what others think that may not know ...


When I came to this website I was excited to read everyone's point of view - serious and not-so-serious.


However, recently part of the discussion on one of the topics left a bad taste in my mouth and I'm not sure I want to come back.


Free speak and all that ... but closed minds and racism?




Yes it was an 'odd' discussion but am I the only one who thinks like I do?


Hopefully NOT.

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Thanks for nothing there, Dan :-)
I've read the comments in question and find your response, especially to the effect of starting a new thread introducing a "threat of leaving" to be completely irrational, and a blatantly obvious case of choosing to offend oneself based on buzz words you're told you're supposed to be offended by.

To be honest, such behavior makes me hope you don't come back. I've only read one thread and I can already say I won't miss you.
Strong, self-confident, men are so macho. I guess she's really learned her lesson now.
Spare me the passive aggressive routine. I have no tolerance for it or the petulant whining that is this post.
Yes, tolerance is not your strong suit.

And you have been intellectually dishonest and hypocritical in defense of someone who does not deserve your efforts.
I should have counted to 10 before responding. Emotional reactions rarely turn out well for me. With this kind of a start, we can only look forward to a downhill spiral.

My apologies. I'm out.
You should have never come "in."
Hi Shine,

I'm starting a new sub-thread because the old one ran out of room.

We need to separate what was said from our interpretations of what was said. Although I think there's a very good chance your interpretation is correct, you need to recognize that FN's words are on record . . . and they don't say what you say they do.

There's a quote that points out that people don't believe the Bible means what it says -- they believe it means what THEY say it means. This is the problem with interpretation. It's seductive. But every interpretation leads away from the actual text. What is written is there for all so see. We don't need it interpreted. Clarified, perhaps (by the author) . . . but not interpreted.

The last words of the Bible warn against changing the words of Revelation one iota. It's saying that the words are what they are. You make of them what you will . . . but don't tell others they mean what you say . . . because you have no way of knowing.
Good move on a new sub-thread. I need to get some sleep but I'll delve back into it tomorrow.
Hi Nancy,
Welcome to a discussion board, where people may disagree with you. Sites like this require a bit of a thick skin and appreciation for discussion, rather than rallying around opinions. It is not in the spirit of a discussion board to set up a thread for the purpose of getting like-minded individuals to support your opinion. You are not alone in this, as many discussion topics here start with an opinion. Plus, I could probably copy and paste this same note to multiple other threads. However, this thread is also guilty of causing intentional "side picking" between members. We aren't building troops for battle here, and you should 1.) be open to entertaining "taboo topics" and 2.) be able to debate on your own two feet. For right now, I fear that you will see the exact same response here as the other thread. The definition of insanity is repeating the same action expecting different results. So, lets manage our expectations for this thread here.

To your argument about the racial analogy:
Ava brings up a taboo topic that many are automatically inclined to be offended by, given our cultural inclinations. American culture has made it inappropriate to discuss those kinds of things candidly and openly, making "racism" a blanket term for racial topics. What I appreciate about Ava's analogy is that she brought up a topic that does make people a bit more uncomfortable. If you were to say "Your argument makes me uncomfortable" that's fine, in fact, thats great. Feeling uncomfortable is a sign that you are approaching a new level of intellectual strength. Just like physical exercises should be uncomfortable, so should intellectual challenges. Being uncomfortable does not need to equate to being offended. That is a position you choose yourself. It is far too great of an investment for the little return you get out of being offended on an atheist discussion board site.


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